Rollick Around Azeroth in the Snugglefin Romper

I want you to use all your powers, and all your skills. I don’t want his mother to see him this way

What class would actually wear something like this? Maybe a hunter

I’ll tell you what Blizzard, I’ll buy the costume if you can assure me the money will go towards paying your art team to redo the Darkspear heritage set.

I’ll go one further, I will purchase the 12 month subscription pack for $200 if you can organise a forum moderator to take 3 minutes out of his/her day to acknowledge ANY of the countless threads and feedback regarding the heritage set.


Few people play Dwarves, much less female Dwarves. And then a Rogue in particular.

Fun fact. Female dwarf rogue used to be the rarest class/race/gender combo prior to BFA.

Is there any information around on the Blue Snugglefin Romper per chance? I saw it in the sets" then “extra” in game one time and now I cannot find it. Anybody know about the Blue one per chance?

I actually love this set because now the clowns that gobble up everything on the store are literally dressed in bright green. You may as well have sold a dunce hat.

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Imagine the Thrall vs Grommash duel cutscene.

Now imagine, in the background, the player character wearing this outfit.

Like… what’s happening?

What’s the problem? Custom characters are always highly likely to look silly in cutscenes that include them.

If you don’t see the problem, that’s cool. We just can’t be friends

This is why I come here every day, comedy gold.

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blud thinks they are xiv trying to have cool full body costumes

Went ahead and purchased this transmog set last night. Couldn’t resist the murloc theme! :smiley: