Rollick Around Azeroth in the Snugglefin Romper

Rollick Around Azeroth in the Snugglefin Romper

Get the Green Snugglefin Romper and add some cozy-finned flair to your wardrobe!

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Look at how they massacred my boy


You guys put more effort into this than you did the Darkspear Heritage set! You’ve been ignoring mountains of feedback and stomped all over my Haitian culture for this? Please go back and fix the lack of effort you put in to the set. There was no reason for it to be done so badly. I’ll even put together a go fund me for you if you didn’t get paid enough to do a good job.


Please fix the feet for Pandaren.


Agreed the Troll set is sad, you can clearly see it wasn’t even refitted for trolls due to the obvious clipping issues, please Blizz get this fixed. This lack of quality is unacceptable.


This is the exact reason all classes should be able to transmog all armor types.

This will be…

…a big NO from me.

Those who like it… have fun I guess.

For a moment I thought the title was “Rickroll Around Azeroth.”


How about instead we add some skulls to the Darkspear heritage set, and fix the clipping issues, back rig, and that horrible elephant trunk mask you guys are pretending doesn’t exist?


I gave up making posts about female dwarf stealth animation.
Your feet and speed are completely out of sync. And now you know this, you won’t be able to unsee it either.

Looks dumb, and begs the question why we have any transmog restrictions at all.


I clicked the link in the article and it errored out.

Because this game is full of ridiculous restrictions. For example, you can wear a warden set as a Vulpera (or pretty much any race out there), something that lore-wise not even every Night Elf is allowed to wear, thus making you look like a clown, but heaven forbid, every class can wear any armor type. There are the most ridiculous mounts, the flimsiest reasons why certain races belong to a certain faction, and so on. It is what it is^^

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that orc does not look happy, it’s like he was forced.

I got this, it’s cute.

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peruses the murloc garments

No thank you.

I’m afraid your culture just isn’t high on the agenda right now. But feel free to come back in a few years when the world’s shifted their attention again.

Wouldn’t use it if it was free, and definitely wouldn’t pay money for it. Sad times.

If you don’t fix the bug with the pandaren, I will request a refund. :angry:

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can we have it hide vulperas ears like the other onesie pls?