Rolled a shaman for ele/enhance was it a mistake?

I’d say if you don’t mind seeing the raids as resto, do that now in phase 1 to try and pick up gear you’ll want to PvP in, if such gear is in MC and Ony. You’ll earn cred in a guild, and then down the line in the next phases you can switch for the battlegrounds to the spec you want, and you might also get to raif that way too.

You probably can still find that guild, I mean it’s still very early in Classic and most people haven’t even reached max level so…

All though if you want to find that guild you need to be social in-game and start meeting players with similar interests, don’t just assume it will magically happen.

Forming your own groups is the first idea: Hard to not invite yourself to the party if you are the head of it

As Enhance you’ll want other melee DPS to synergize with your totems, although Warriors will be loot competition (and possibly Rogues, if DPS Leather drops), and your DPS should be fine for dungeons

Outside of that, make friends with a guild who won’t mind you playing an oddity spec, since a lot of PUGs tend to be meta lords

how about you post on your 60 shaman
oh wait, you don’t have one

Gnomes hold their weapon out in front of them. I use this fact via transmog and pick a weapon with absurd glow to make myself into a Paragon of the Gnomish People.

Granted that in WoW, it is difficult to find a successful raid guild composed of intelligent, decent human beings; but I would argue that you should be looking for these qualities anyway.

Lol what a weird response and yes I do, I just didn’t bother changing my avatar because I figured it wouldn’t matter obviously I didn’t take into account you.

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True vanilla experience™!

Incoming for druids and pallies.

Elemental becomes a really strong glass cannon, and the cookie cutter Elemental build is absolutely usable to heal in raids and dungeons as needed, if you’re on raid heals with chain heal.

Mana tide doesn’t give much mana and you’ll be in a melee group anyways, and the Purification talent applies to your heals BEFORE +heal is added, so the talent gets weaker the more gear you have.

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Enhancement is a waste of time unless you’re really dedicated to playing an underdog class that is RNG based.

Go some type of elemental build and stack spell power after you respec to it in your late 30’s, then enjoy outright deleting mobs and players alike with elemental mastery chain lightning crits.

hybrid is neat not sure how it will work endgame but currently i’m enhancement (no SS or improved weapon damage) then i have clear casting in ele and ill be picking up the 3% hit rating for spells/melee and totem range, i have improved totems as well, great build for grouping, burst is lacking from no SS but WF still chunks everything

Get ready to fight for cloth drops.

Elemental is good for pvp

My guild has a slot for one enh shaman, I’m sure if you look hard enough you can find a guild to take you

oh well you do actually have one; my apologies
I’m quite surprised that the elitism is really strong enough that it extends to mere dungeons
i found it hard to believe so i thought you were one of those trolls that seem to make up at least 10% of this forum; also there was that thread about people posting on their classic characters

anyway i guess if the elitism really is this bad and you still can’t get groups for dungeons even, then you might as well wait for a new realm to come out and then re-roll there
you don’t have to fall behind

These threads are so ridiculous. Wasnt Onyxia cleared by 40 druids back in the day?

I feel bad for OP. Shoulda be able to play what they want.

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I’m enhance/resto, resto for the hit talent and also for the reduced pushback talent (I PvP so it’s more useful). Not sure what I will do at 60 yet.

EDIT: To clarify, enhance, with my extra points going in resto for the reasons stated.


Put it in the classic wowhead calculator URL

It’s the most fun. What problem?