Roll alt on Skyfury or Angerforge?


Currently have a level 41 hunter on Skyfury, hoping to get to 70 around the time Wrath launches. Wondering if I should roll an alt on that same server and risk being “left behind” or just start a new toon on Angerforge with the assumption that people will still be getting to 70 even after the Wrath launches?

I generally like having my characters together for money/synergy but in this case seems like Angerforge presents another fun leveling experience.

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Yeah, I get this dilemma. I think it depends on what fresh means to you and how much you want to experience of it. If that leveling rush is the big part of it, then go Angerforge and experience that! I have a feeling a lot of fresh-chasers are going to drop their fresh characters to go back to their mains for WotLK content, but I suspect Angerforge will have a decent enough population for a while. We’ll see as time progresses.

If they allow transfers off Skyfury, then I don’t see either realm lasting at all. I’d certainly stop playing on Fresh, and either go back to my TBC main or just quit if they did that. I’m not a big fan of the server imbalance on Faerlina, and was hoping to escape server transfer destruction by rerolling fresh.

idk what you’re looking for for end-game, or for server health, but as long as they keep their promise of no transfers for Skyfury for at least 90 days, and then only if there are some serious server health considerations to allow for them, I think it will be a very healthy and good realm to play on. The current queue times are obviously only temporary and will subside sooner or later.

I’m not sure about Angerforge though. I’d be a little hesitant to jump ship at this point, and I don’t know if I care whether it does well or fails, I’m quite disappointed that they literally stated:

And then almost immediately opened a new fresh-PvP realm.

Thanks for your thoughtful response. I don’t mind queues, I can log on at weird times. My concern is more just wanting to have people in the 20-50 range to do dungeons and what not with on my alt even after wrath launches. Will skyfury stlll have this even after launch? It seems like angerforge would have a bigger pool of people who are still getting to 70 and will want to stick with it (why roll an alt at all at this point just to abandon it immediately?)

The folks on Reddit seem to think both servers will sustain healthy populations post-launch at least for a little bit.

If you were “slow” on Skyfury you will be “slow” on Angerforge.

fresh hype train is so cool - ive started on anger because I did not get the opportunity to do in skyfury

I dont really understand completely what you mean by being “left behind”. Left behind from what?

If your goal is to stay on pace with the hardcore players and raiders, then, to be frank, you have already been left behind since youre only level 41 after 2 weeks. And shows you wont be keeping up with them from 70-80 and the level 80 pre-bis grind also.

If your goal is to stay up with the massive pack of casual/semi-hardcore players, then i really wouldnt stress about rerolling so long as ypu think you can get 80 within the first month or so of wrath full release.

If you’re worried about low dungeons after wrath, then try to be at least 40ish by launch, there will still be plenty of people on fresh servers leveling their characters and alts. and SM to BRD/ST to Ramps will still have a healthy amount running them. (Wrath fresh servers shouldnt be compared to TBC classoc launch were the low zones were barren because no access to boosts/established level 60s/70s

If que times are the reason for tempting a reroll, then i would 100% say go to Angerforge. Queues are not going to get better any time soon, especially after the full release.

Thanks for the reply. re: low dungeons post-Wrath, my thinking is that Angerforge would be even more likely to have a stable 20-50 population, but are you saying it shouldn’t be an issue on either Anger or Skyfury?

Queue times are annoying but not really a big factor in the decisioning (I get in line while I’m still doing other stuff since I work from home).

I would imagine that the 20-50s population shouldnt be to bad. People are still trickling back to the game every day, and if people want alts or reroll they cant boost to 70, and the level boosting community is no more atm since if someone in your group is too high level for the dungeon you only get like 9exp per mob, so i really do forsee the future of the 20-50 community being pretty healthy at the very least for the next 2-4 months.

Note however, im no prophet, and could be 100% wrong. I just try to look at it from a logical perspective is all.

This makes sense. In that case, should I stick with Skyfury to have my characters in one place or do you still see advantages in going to Angerforge?

Another factor is faction balance which seems fine on Skyfury and too early to tell on Angerforge.

Go to angerforge. It’s more chill. I level slow too.

You can keep your skyfury chars and even try both horde and alliance on angerforge. Have fun!

You can clear naxx in sub optimal gear, heirlooms will reinvigorate the leveling scene assuming you can mail them cross server, I can’t recall if that was always the case.

I half expect the server queues to be so trashed on actual launch that they implement yet another fresh server so everybody can start at 1 together.

Join the discord for Angerforge.