Roleplay Character on WRA

I would like to start getting into RP and I’ve decided on leveling a Hunter on WRA. I really think an Undead Hunter would be a lot of fun and cool to level and play around with. I have so many transmog pieces that would look neat on one. However I once heard that you won’t find much RP if you’re not an Elf. Is there any truth to this? Obviously if I go walking through Silvermoon I wouldn’t expect any of the Elven players to engage me in any RP. Is there a good place for Undead to RP or would it just be easier to roll a Blood Elf? I would greatly appreciate any thoughts and opinions… constructively of course! :slight_smile:

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That’s not true. While lots on WRA may be in Silvermoon (of varying, uh, quality), most I’m sure is still in Orgrimmar, and won’t hate you for choosing undead over blood elf.

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I was a Goblin on WRA and had a blast swindling- I mean RPing.


This is a really nice way of putting it.


Now I’m curious what this means. I kinda eavesdropped on a conversation earlier and it seemed rather…umm…intimate in nature… >_>

(puts on gas mask)
He’s been exposed boys. Ready the bleach vat!


No. All people can find RP. The biggest thing about WRA that you need to know going into it though is that it’s heavily gated by guilds. You’ll have walk-ups, and you should initiate walk-ups. But coordinated event based RP is behind guild walls.

Make a post over in the WRA forums about being an undead hunter seeking a guild and see which guilds reach out. Do this after you’ve come up with a proper character concept and an idea behind your hunter. Be upfront in that you’re new. Etc.


Very not true: A good portion of RPers in general are Elves

Anywho, you may wanna try the realm forums for some hot RP tips from the communities, in this particular case WrA, but the advice given in here is pretty solid in general

Hope you have a good time RPing :slight_smile:


Thanks guys! I decided to continue on with my Forsaken. I ended up getting him to 55 this morning before finally going to bed. This exp buff is amazing! :slight_smile:

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Hello friend! While this character isn’t on WrA, I do play on the server from time to time. You will quickly find that forsaken RP is just fine. I have one of my own who I never have issues with finding roleplay with, especially in Org. There are Forsaken specific guilds also and on occasion public events hosted by forsaken; the market in Silverpine being one of them, and the upcoming death day celebration in April another! I recommend you go to the WrA forums and say hi and ask about forsaken RP… you will quickly get answers and people welcoming you :heart:

A couple of things I recommend checking out on top of my head:

The listing for guilds and events, if you are looking for something more organized. Resources and more++

Events & Guilds

Forsaken hosted event:

Death Day Celeb

Oh, and one last thing. There is a discord for WrA RP specifically, if you prefer discord. I don’t really want to link it here, but you can find it by poking around a little bit on the WrA forums. It has heaps more info about people looking for RP, RP discussions, guild recruitment and more ^^


Absolutely no truth to that. There are plenty of people that RP that aren’t elves, and get plenty of RP in turn without having to be an Elf.

Normally, myself and my guild, along with basically all my RP’ing friends, RP in or around the Wyvern’s Tail tavern in the Valley of Honor in Orgrimmar. Silvermoon isn’t as active as it used to be, or so I’ve heard.

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I wish you luck!

I find RP servers to be toxic IMO. Cliquey groups, people living out their characters (causing huge egos to form in the process), female queen bees causing drama and ostracizing people, etc.

I’m sure there are nice enough people, but in my experience they are far and few between.

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This is true. I’ve ran around in SM a few times and it’s been pretty empty.

… not entirely untrue, no. I’ve met a fair share and try to avoid them. They often have a group of guys hanging around too, who have no issues feeding into this behavior. I’m female and while I have quite a few female friends in the RP community, I try to spot that kind ^ the best I can early on - and then keep some distance without being rude.

However, there are some real gems in the community so OP shouldn’t be discouraged to join ^^

You can find RP in Org so if elf RP in SMC isn’t for you, you still have choices.

But yeah you might want to join a guild for more serious or event driven stuff.

Moonguard needs Horde members more.

What the op is looking for is horde RP and MG is just not really about that. It’s more about the player’s needs than the server.


Thank you! I’ll be sure to check it out! :slight_smile:

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I think most people that used to RP on Horde Moon Guard have already switched to Horde Wyrmrest Accord, or faction changed to Alliance.