Rogues Untouched

What is going on we’re 1 week into warrior buffs we’re already getting a nerf and rogues just sitting here chillen UNTOUCHED UNNERFED. STUNS entire TEAM, SILENCE entire team, SHIV entire team. THE ENTIRE TEAM IS DEAD.

like who is doing these balancing? It’s unreal.

LOCKS dont’ need anymore BUFFS HELLO!? I have friends that play locks agrees locks don’t need anymore buffs. it’s crazy. LIKE WHO here in the community SAID locks need to do more damage do you hear anyone saying that? idk who is doing these balancings are they not getting paid enough or they’re getting paid too much. Some one needs to get fired


ngl its so boring here its just the same piss losers posting on anyomous alts/classic characters trying rage bait low effort posts

get a job bum

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Arena forums have become the same meta as 4chan/pol. We even have Dozer literally spouting racial slurs as of a couple hours ago. Makes me wonder how long until others follow suit.

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Locks don’t need buffs, but you’re a special kind of person to believe Assassination isn’t being nerfed and is/was overpowered.

People just hate rogue because OMG STELF OP. It’s trendy. Spyros will be next. Then warlocks.

Warriors relatively unchanged, executioners percision wasn’t something you had access to majority of the time during a match, and the martial prowess is going from what 30% to 20%? Someone will probably respond who knows the exact numbers better than me, but it’s not really huge and the overpower buff means you actually have noticable follow up to a big mortal instead of execute if they aren’t execute range. Overall warrior is probably in the exact same spot it was.

Ya idk how they dodged more bullets and hammers, rogue seems to be running the show atm. Have to wait and see if the healing reductions no longer stacking really affected them or not.

If people cry about RMP than blizzard just brings back L…S…D (destro/ele/X) to remind us to shut the hell up or something of that nature.

You’re one of the people im refering to btw if it wasnt clear.

You have zero clue what’s going on 1400 player dont’ even PVP opening his mouth. this guy made 7000 post. These rogue nerfs is like a tickle to what blizzard has done to other glasses. Feral Gutted DK Gutted Dh GUTTED. you don’t even PVP even if you did you don’t know the game enough to say anything so STAY IN YOUR DAMN LANE

Assa Rogues get nerfed tomorrow, there, ya happy now?

??? You sure about that?

Yeah, DK is strong in RSS!!!

More nerfs are potentially warranted. :dracthyr_love_animated: :dracthyr_love_animated: :dracthyr_love_animated:


Noooo Kennie NooooO!!!

we got to keep it going, nerf rogues like you did DH and Feral.

While it is literally true that Assassination rogues are getting some nerfs this patch, and so the original poster is factually wrong, I read his post in the spirit of what was meant, which is that assassination rogues are not being nerfed anywhere near enough, and that I believe is correct.