Rogue/Warlock LF Morning Raiding Guild


Hey everyone, I’m a returning player looking to get into raiding in 8.2 and beyond. However, night time raids are something I can’t commit to (I play at night, but work as a server means I can’t commit). That means the only times I can raid is during the weekday mornings. I’m open to transfer servers and possibly even factions. So, if you’re looking for a DPS player that has a mindset for progress hmu!


Hey Destro. We are Redline-Thrall Horde. We raid progression 12-4pm on Wednesday and Thursdays, with some other optional content on Tuesdays.


  • Uldir (Mythic) 6/8
  • Battle of Dazzar’alor (Mythic) 7/9
  • Crucible of Storms (Heroic) 2/2 (World 5th / Sercer 1st)

We have a mix of third shift, EU, and work from home guildies that are committed to daytime raiding

Care to reach out to me on discord?
Im in our sercer, Retrection.

Thanks for your time!