Rogue vs mage

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If you catch a rogue with rank 1 blizzard, it will put him in combat - in which case unless he vanishes, he can’t re-stealth.

It does not however, put a dot on him. When he vanishes he/she essentially resets the situation with one less cooldown.


What skill level we talking here? At the highest level, Mage wins all the time.

An elite Rogue will eat an average Mage alive.

An elite Mage will eat a few average Rogues alive.


Rogues legit no joke just require you to have rank 1 frostbolt ,rank 1 fireball and rank 1 explosion. The goal is to catch them before the burst if you can, if not try iceblocking before they melt you or nova, blink ,polly for a good reset. Keep in polly for drinking and eating. Then once you got a second to breath cast rank 1 fireball for the dot so they cant stealth then quickly rank 1 blizzard if improve blizzard or rank 1 frostbolt if 5/5 Improv FB “for the slows”. Then you can attack get some distance with blink and cast highest rank frostbolt if they vanish spam rank 1 arancee explosion and resest the fight with polly ,nova ,blink combo. The main goal is to keep them from going stealth thats where they can lay down the 1shot combo on cloth especially. The problems you have are they get you off guard when drinking or eating or kill you before youn can hit ice block to stop the pain, And always save pvp trinket for blind. Using ICE armor always helps kite


Against cold blood prep daggers there isn’t a lot you can do unless the rogue messes up or if you manage to do something like block an opener. Something where you take zero dmg on at least one of them. If cold blood hasn’t gone out and you have half health or less after the last vanish it’s pretty much game over.

Wont be as bad in bgs with help plus it wont be that often both prep and vanish are up at the same time. That alone gives you a CD edge since you will have to use yours far less.

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The entire dynamic of class pvp changes with the pvp trinket. What happens now doesnt matter. If you must, watch old videos. Not players playing classic.


You really shouldn’t ever lose 1v1 to a rogue, the only chance we’d have is using every CD with prep and engineering vs a good mage.

I should add that prep with improved sprint would be nasty, but either way you can block twice and blink poly whenever you need to.


You dont have ambush playing AR/prep swords. The instant burst at any level is incomparable playing daggers. That means playing AR/prep daggers which might be good if you play hemo backstab, but we all know most people are going to play sinister strike swords like its pve. Either way, its not about the stun its about the ambush burst and the ability of prep to get away and reset.

Pretty much as a rogue you are fighting to get out novas, blocks, and blinks. A poly should never happen without a blink going out and or a nova. Poly is a non factor. If the mage tries to walk away after nova’ing simply bomb stun the waddle of and gouge.

At worst you can fight to a draw and live to fight another day. Thats worst case scenario in the test tube vacuum of a duel.

Playing deep sub premed you can get:
ambush, backstab opener, vanish, ambush, hemo, vanish, ambush cold blood 5pt eviscerate and almost any mage wont even have a chance to use CDs.

If you are carrying thistle tea it gets even more impossible to lose.


i don’t know who these mages are telling you to trinket blind? you cant trinket blind in classic. your only option is to iceblock. and if you iceblock before blind happens you’re dead.
the “stun” he’s talking about is likely sap as no rogue ever is gonna kidney someone and run away unless there’s like a group running at him.

as a rogue how i typically handle a mage is:
sap -> cheap shot -> stealth -> sap -> cheap shot -> stealth -> CB -> eviscerate. if the mage iceblocks anytime during that setup i just blind them and restealth and do it again. keeping them sapped while using cheap shot (with a macro to not autoattack) to build CPs keeps them from blinking away.

realistically your only hope is that the rogue is bad or you somehow get lucky or help


Trying to do the Sap CS trick w/o macro but doesn’t work 100% of the time >.> wich macro do you use?


/cast cheap shot

u can use this with expose armor too against priests and hunters


Nova>blink if want>id do your major attack then sheep then another major attack then spam lvl 1 fb to kite him after that not sure


A fully geared rogue will one shot you. Not really much you can do unless you’re going against a bad rogue.


I am always impressed by you guys that can do these fights. I simple can’t deal with that many keys to hit rapidly and my reaction time is trash. I die a lot in 1 v 1s.


god i hope rogues are not wasting kidney shot like that.


Rogue vs Mage is tough especially if Frost Specced and good. So most Rogues know not to Cheapshot a Mage because we know you’ll blink alot of us will open with Garrotte in the hopes to start chopping down that damn Ice Barrier.

Also remember Mana shield can save your life also.

So this is a scenario I see you I have to assume you have all CDs and all buffs, I garrotte, you nova and blink away, Combat Rogues will Sprint break the nova and either Vanish to reopen or Blind you to hold you in place, Sub Rogue will Vanish then sprint to you.

The Rogue knows you have a blink and a nova refreshing, you need to Cone of Cold, fireblast, Arcane Explosion to do as much damage as possible.

He will be attacking you and you will be instant casting on him, you have Ice Block when all fails use it and wait for your CDs but make sure the Rogue doesn’t walk far enough away to reenter Stealth.

Most the mages I fought were MC geared and I was 55+ I could damage them but not kill them, usually ended with me escaping or them continuously blinking away or them being saved by another Horde.


How are you not in combat after CS?


You leave combat after not attacking for 5 sec. So you can sap, cs with stop attack macro( also helps to angle yourself 90 degrees), wait 5 sec and reestealth. The mage cant blink because the sap isnt broken.


There is no set way to play it because it depends on what they are doing. The example you mention, if the rogue isn’t throwing a nade at you and still reaching you before poly you can instead blink and then nade them into a poly.


There’s a good YouTube video on this exact matchup. But if you can’t get the sheep off due to sprint/blind, you gotta blow an iceblock.


Rank 1 frost bolt. Poly… get distance… fb fb fn coc…fire blast blink fb fb=dead rogue. Hope that helps