Rogue Tier 9 Set Bonuses Are Just Bad

The Rogue T9 Set Bonuses are hilariously bad in comparison to other classes. As a matter of fact, Rogue set bonuses for this entire expansion thus far have been lack luster and it’s extremely unfortunate.

In Ulduar, we opted to go for 252 off pieces because the impact of the set bonuses was insignificant when juxtaposed to the raw stat gains from 252 ilvl items - this was not the case for many classes.

I’m not here petitioning for buffs to our set bonus, but I find it extremely unfortunate that our 2 piece set bonus from T9 is a 2% proc rate per rupture tick (which ticks every 3 seconds) for free 40 energy ability use. Our 4 set bonus, 5% critical strike chance on Sinister Strike, Multilate, Backstab, & Hemorrhage - actually worthless, as I cannot remember the last time I did not critical strike when using one of these abilities in a raid environment.

Meanwhile, (as an example) Feral druids glyph Omen/Faerie Fire, and get a free Shred every six seconds. Actually fried.

Thank you.

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I now understand why feral has historically been a spec that gets no love. People have been making post after post complaining about the changes to feral (which actually was not a change any feral player asked for, and gutted an interesting playstyle).

Way to complain Jarles… :clap:


It was simply an example, no complaints - devs can do what they want with the game. Nice dodge on the issue of this post though. :clap:

Why? Why complain about ferals as “an example.” Why not just leave ferals alone?

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My reasoning for highlighting the Feral Druid change is because it’s the closest example to this set bonus in application, however, instead of a 2% chance every 3 seconds - it’s guaranteed. Surely, even a forum troll like you can see the similarity in these two things.

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Why the ad hominem?

Blizzard didn’t like bearweaving, wanted to make the spec easier to play on the bottom end, and decided to make some changes to how it played, so no, I don’t see the similarity.

Just revert the changes to feral and stop the complaining.

Why so serious?

It’s a joke made at your expense on the internet. Nothing more.

Also the feral change isn’t gonna go anywhere, we both know this. The point of this here post was to illuminate how dog-water Rogue set bonuses are in this phase and have been throughout all the phases of Wrath.

Because you’re making a post to complain about ferals being in an OK spot right now. People have made posts complaining that, “Hey ferals got a buff, buff me!” ever since they gutted bearweaving, and it’s tiresome. Just revert the changes and stop complaining!

If you didn’t mean to make a post complaining about feral, you wouldn’t have.

I’ll reiterate one time for you, see if it sticks.

I could care less about the feral change, I would like to highlight that the Rogue tier set bonus in this phase and prior phases have been unequivocally the worst in the game.

I utilized an example (the feral druid change) due to the similarity in application within a raid environment, and to highlight how one is objectively more powerful than the other.

Devs are entitled to do as they wish with this game, I’m entitled to my opinion.

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I have no idea how Snipy turned this into a feral Druid post. His reading comprehension is poor. All he is pointing out is how bad a set bonus is for rogues and he’s right about that. It’s sad not to get meaningful set bonuses that are impactful.


Yeah I was quite disappointed after getting my 2 piece. It really never procs =(

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Most if not all class p2 bis where full 252 fyi

Nope, not correct.

Fire mages wore 4 pc
Frost DK wore 4 pc
Holy Paladin wore 4 pc
Disc Priest wore 4 pc

I’m sure there are many other examples but those are the ones that I know off the top of my head. Sure there were classes in a similar dilemma in terms of value for raw stats versus the 232 ilvl tier pieces, but there were absolutely classes which were incentivized to wear their tier (either for the 4pc or 2pc set bonus).

2pc for an ability you basically dont use an has such an abysmal proc rate.

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Sometimes set bonuses are good (like priest t8 that is used until ICC) and sometimes they are not (like rogue t9). If tier sets were always the best it would make most other items for those 5 slots not worth it. It is what it is.

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It’s not isolated to Rogue’s T9 set though.

Every single set bonus this entire expansion thus far (T7, T8, T9) are bad.

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And? I think that’s kinda the point. Tier is supposed to be highly desirable gear. Sucks when the set bonus is straight useless. 2% proc chance on an ability one spec doesn’t even use, and it has an ICD! LOL

But you are a forum troll.

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Holy crap, I forgot about the ICD for it too!

If it makes you feel any better its still better than t9 for priest as well.

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Maybe you should pay more attention to the numbers on the screen?