Rogue Talents are just a slap in the face

Dear devs,

premed is horrible, and enveloping shadows should be baseline and baked into shadow dance. without dark shadow shadow dance is just another cd you have to spend before you can use a stun or sap.

Assassin has it rough as well. The only talent I notice right away if I dont have it is Marked for death and subterfuge. Really weak talent choices.


Couldn’t have just given us Original Premed or anything. But overall, most of the talents are complete garbage and BLizzerd has shown us once again, they tried nothing and are all out of ideas.


Rogue design is good. Which means less work but it also means not many quality of life updates.

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Subterfuge is my bb. Mfd good in arenas but everywhere else I find myself switching between deeper strata and mfd. 6 cp is hot. Also weapon master always > premed change my mind

Elusiveness is decent however it needs a buff it feels like. Maybe slightly longer feint duration as well? Soothing darkness is trash for pvp outside of restealthing for long periods of time,

The talent tree that needs rework is prey on the weak, shot in the dark, and night terrors. Prey on the weak needs a buff in pvp, 5% is worthless.

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I’d say the design feels pretty average right now. It’s not great or bad, it just kind of exists.

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The talents are just fine for the most part.

Shuriken Tornado though, nobody picks that.

They’re just fine for sub maybe, but absolutely not for assassination.

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You arent going to have anything really flashy like shaman or mage.

We aren’t death knights. We’re rogues with daggers.

We could still have something a little more exciting than shuriken tornado though :joy:

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IDK about the other two specs, but there is very little variance for Outlaw talents. Alacrity is a must, and so is Blade Rush.

I miss killing spree.

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Shuriken Tornado is straight up garbage.

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Yeah I took it on a easy Torghast run once when I got the power because I was curious, and spent the entire run being like I guess I’m saving a little tiny bit of energy occasionally with this but why talent, why do you even exist?!?!

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