Rogue Subtlety Hotfixes 4/29


Disc was stupid in 8.0. Stop it.

Now we just need some PVE buffs :slight_smile:

-These are PvP changes
-Sub was one of the only specs worse than arms.

This is NOT enough to make subtlety worth a damn

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/10 char

Disc did more damage than every other healer, while still having by far the highest healing output. It could burst for insane amounts of raid healing, to the point that there was literally no damage, with the exception of one-shots, that it couldn’t heal through in mythic Uldir. In addition to doing high dps at the same time.

Not a fan of Josh, but it’s a good visualization. This was not a top 10 ranked disc parse, either. This is just playing properly.

If you’re going to base Disc strengths strictly on Mythic ultra high tier raiding while ignoring M+ and Arena we don’t really have much to talk about.

That aside, even most of the mythic numbers (besides Zul which used Hpriest) usually were within 1-2khps to other top healers. Ghuun was the only outlier because of the nature of huge burst healing windows during beam. Disc would still top this fight due to the nature of Disc design.

Disc was incredibly over nerfed. To state otherwise is just bias.

Thing is Maga wasn’t talking about raiding.

PvP and PvE are balanced separately. It was objectively broken in raids. It’s still more than capable of healing m+. That, or the priests healing +25s are hacking and should be banned.

That’s nice. I was.

Based on the fact that after it’s nerfs it’s still tied as the strongest healer for progression and still more than capable of doing high m+, no. It was not “over nerfed”

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Tell me if this looks more then capable to you. You’re still bringing up ONLY top tier mythic raiding when I was only referring to pvp and M+.

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Rank 16 world healer; Disc priest. The highest non-resto druid healer.
21 25 keys timed so far. The only non-resto druid, was a disc priest.

Disc is less popular. Does not mean it’s incapable.

There is a reason the MDI had only resto druids and zero Disc priests. The live ladder is also reflecting this. It’s pretty sad that you have to go to to rank 16 for the first priest. Then you look at the entire ladder % that I linked and you see a huge problem. Priest’s weren’t even top healers in M+ prenerf bfa season 1.

Priests “can” do M+ but it’s a hell of a lot harder.

Same for arena. Pre nerf bfa Disc priest was roughly tied for 2nd/3rd healer yet it received the most nerfs. Rsham was dominating tournaments and ladder.

It’s still not enough Blizzard. These buffs were a step in the right direction however outside of dance our sustain damage is really bad.

Please also look into adding/buffing PvP talents. Right now only 3 are useable.

So now we’re basing what’s good and bad off the mdi? They speedrun mid level 18-19 keys. That’s not indicative of what’s actually good, and they certainly don’t run the same combos typically used in pushing keys. And by that measure, only 1 tank, 1 healer, and 4 dps specs in the game are good.

Rdruid dominates. That’s not being debated. Disc, however, is the highest ranked non-druid. That does say something.

Subtlety’s aesthetic direction and playstyle have felt TERRIBLE in Legion and BFA.

This spec has been such a masterpiece for so many years. It was PERFECT prior to the Legion redesign.

I have loved playing my Subtlety Rogue since 2005. I want my character back. I want the ROGUE back. I hate this awful shadow magic aesthetic and the constant Shadow Dance playstyle, when Shadow Dance was significantly more fun as a powerful 1 minute cooldown and we had classic Rogue tools to use outside of Dance.

Please give this once awesome spec the much needed love it deserves in Shadowlands.

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Woah, how Generous Blizzard is! They designed a class totally for pvp (Tier 8 of it). Sorry I miss this information for a long time. WE SHOULD NOT FOCUS ON PVE of Sub rogue (Tier ∞).