Rogue Subtlety Hotfixes 4/29

The following hotfixes are scheduled to be live this week.

  • Shadowstrike no longer deals reduced damage in PvP (was a 10% reduction).
  • Eviscerate no longer deals reduced damage in PvP (was a 15% reduction).
  • Mastery: Executioner is now reduced by 20% in PvP (was 33%).

Developers’ notes: We’ve been keeping an eye on Subtlety’s damage during Season 2 and have identified a few prior PvP reductions that we’re going to relax to help with its overall damage throughput. With this improvement to Eviscerate combined with the existing PvP-only reduction to Night’s Vengeance (Azerite Trait) and the removal of Shuriken Combo we feel Subtlety’s potential Eviscerate damage will be brought into an acceptable range for PvP combat. Subtlety will continue to keep its PvP-only reductions to their stackable cooldown strength, but we also felt that it was necessary to increase throughput outside of those windows.


wow you guys actually buffed sub. thankyou


Ty blizzard!

So over 4 months of Disc getting farmed into the ground because of unnecessary world pvp nerfs and unneeded pve nerfs they don’t deserve a hotfix? I’d love to have 1 priest healing spec be viable in pvp and M+.

Edit: This isn’t to say the rogue subt changes were unneeded. I just wish they could focus on more then 1 thing a month. Now I know I won’t see any possible changes until June.


Just PVP changes? I was really hopping for some love for sub pve next season.

when does this go live? need to re-sub to the game l0l

Wish I could play my rouge now but I can’t undelete a character for 14 days. WHYYYY

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Nice. Now I have to farm up some daggers for my rogue who gave up and went Outlaw lol.

Arms warriors are totally fine though, no need to buff them. No sir. Not in PvE or PvP, very fine performing spec. mmhmm.

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About time, those nerfs to our dmg in the beginning of the expansion really hurt.

hahahahahahahaha (Y) gg

about time.

Damage buffs are good, but Assassination will probably continue to dominate with strong utility, strong CC, and strong damage.

Remove Subterfeuge from Assassination already, and remove blind and/or Smoke Bomb. Now that SS is baseline and Smoke Bomb is an option, that spec doesn’t also need multi-target CC openers that can still be used even if broken out of stealth early. They already have a slow and mortal strike attached to auto-attacks, it makes no sense to have CC rivaling Outlaw and burst rivaling Sub as a spec revolved around DoTs.

Thank you
Now a little tune for pve too and we’re golden

U can talk on forums without being sub?
Edit omg you can I’ve been unsub this whole time thinking i couldn’t talk on forums.

While yall un-nerfing shiz, time to fix enh pVp mana issues…

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Thank you! Also thanks for the dev note. This is first communication in ages. Keep it up! Thanks again!

thank you sincerely <3

Just found a class/spec one of the devs play.

Ur nuts

10 Chara