Rogue Sap Bring me into combat

Level 41 Rogue (Human) with the Improved Sap Talents.
When a successful re stealth sap occurs, I am still brought into combat and as soon as the mob leaves stealth I am attacked. [Combat log order is: Leave stealth, Sap, Stealth, Entering Combat] This happens more often then not. I have trialed sapping from behind vs front and with different levels mobs. The success is higher with lower level mobs which I expected. I don’t recall this being an issue in classic. Please let me know if anyone else is running into the same issue, as I would have rather used those talents for something else.

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the mob saw you, this happens to me and im only 2/3, but sometimes it doesn’t.

Also if you interact with a node or chest nearby it will combat you

This is not a bug it’s always been like this even in tbc.

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I used to farm dark iron ore in BRD using improved sap. It is not supposed to bring you into combat at all unless improved sap fails to keep you in stealth. Not even when you loot a node or chest nearby.

Sap triggering combat, and being spotted by a mob are two very different things. Sap itself shouldn’t trigger combat, this is a bug. Anyone who says different clearly has very little experience on a rogue, and should refrain from posting on a rogue forum when all you do is spread misinformation.

Blizz really needs to fix this bug. It’s honestly game breaking.

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Sap is not supposed to trigger combat. The entire purpose of the move is to enable you to disable a mob without triggering combat.

From personal experience I can tell you that Sap was modified to trigger combat, but years after Vanilla. And it was done because high level quest wrecking bullies cried about Sap to Blizzard. Lowbees could sap them and they couldn’t do anything about it.

Now, Sap will trigger combat and if you’re not flagged for PvP it will flag you. Neither of these events ever occurred originally with Sap.

Bug? Or deliberate change?

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This is still an issue, I keep getting broken out of stealth and put into combat on my rogue. PVP doesn’t seem to cause it since I had an NE 60 sap my 60 druid and not break stealth.