Rogue quest stupid

to unlock dreini lighforged u gotta do the rogue questline to unlock scouting mapo quests which is stupid in itself because wats it got to do with dreinei but the problem is in the rogue quest ur on a boat and u need to set sail and to set sail u have to leave the boat and portal to several places then horseback to the boat, swim around an island (when u were on a boat) and then kill the first admiral again and the entire time its still telling u to portal to sw to portal to azsuna, stupid on stupid, doesn’t make sense, major fail bliz

How is it a major fail that a race unlock that requires rep from a thematic standpoint requires you to get there? You have to be at a certain point in your class quest to unlock Argus. I’m not seeing the problem. Granted, I’m also fairly sure I lost at least a dozen and a half brain cells reading this.

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The grammar is fail

It was legit painful to read.

I’m amazed that other people were able to decipher the original post. I do not understand what you are trying to say.