Rogue mage 2s

Still run into the occasional cringey who says it’s not. Just had to make sure

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i think people cant understand the fact that something can be the best comp and still be hard. rm in 2s falls under that. super amazing in the right hands, but if you just try and run in and 1 shot without setting up and positioning correctly you are gonna face plant (most of the time :wink:)

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Oh ya I’ve seen a lot of rogue mages just be really bad. Tbh as one who has fought Xaryu/Pikas rogue mage a few times this xpac it’s def not the best

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Also you kinda have to be efficient with your binds, and be mechanically fast at the game too.

Yeah but kinda have to do that as any double dps 2s comp

Oh yeah absolutely. R/m in my mind means double dps. I don’t discriminate. I’m a sub rogue I play with whoever will play with me

Yeah I respect it. The rogue I usually play 2s with will play sub for like 4 seconds and then respec assas out of tilt

I remember q’ing into you earlier in the season. You were playing with a disc.

I think I was playing with survivalist. You abused us. We couldn’t stay near you for like 2sec out of a GO without almost getting deleted.

Oh yeah it was me and Valent. We were 2500 last season together, he got rank 1 dread season as well, I wouldn’t be upset about losing to us. Pushed with him to like 2300 this season before I tilted and tanked for echoes

Yeah I didn’t stress it much.

The coolest thing about double dps games imo is you can REALLY tell the healer/dps teams that are actually good.

That really know what’s going on vs you.
The people that get me the most are the ones that play far apart since I’m sub. I swear they have to be sub rogues as well cause that is a pain to deal with.

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Mhm. 99% of dk hpalla teams I q into I just go “oh these guys are actually awful but we lose cause ret/rogue “


“The comp I play is the most skillfulest comp ever ever” - rogues

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What classes do you play with?

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Well as a big brain healer player, I generally find the need to be stimulated with talk of stragergery and such of the nature, when discussing the matters of rated three on three rated deathmatch content. I generally find that arms warriors, mages, and survival hunters, with the occasional demon hunter, and knights of death are the most sophisticated of the damage dealing players.

Balanced, as all things should be

Sad that they don’t even need it. Just the triple poly/sap double spite literally forces every cooldown.

Hell yeah bro that’s pretty cool!

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Cheating on me? How could you…

Yea I dont stress much when losing to people you can tell aren’t idiots. We probably could of played better too. Now the dh healer teams tilt me lol cause they just mana burn to glory and drool on their keyboards.

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Only if they play defensive. I always play offensively vs MR it throws them off. Purge Mage shields trinket and fade rogue cc. Ward mage cc. Usually mage is too busy trying to survive for them to coordinate. This is anywhere up to 2.3.

Yeah but also I actually don’t think my comp would ever lose to thug 2s, I don’t really lose to thug in 3s ever really either

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