Rogue mage 2s

is the most frustrating thing to play against

way more annoying than destro x or dh x

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Its frustrating playing against Sub/Fire 2’s when they know whst their doing.

If you hit a single cd out of place you auto lose. And if you arent with a Hpal you auto lose


Don’t worry boys the feeling is mutual


honestly until you’re so high that you get sniped i would just ignore rogue mage 2s as transfer aborts
even if you lose to it continuously, you can just wait for an hpal team that you have no trouble with to ruin their day and then queue back up. hpals make double dps 2s terrible


eh. I have grounding and purge and tons of wolf form healing plus damage reduction and im only rival, but they dont give me too much trouble. Ive only seen like 3 destro locks in my 200 games, (assuming they all are at higher rankings) and they always melt my health down instantly

Same as demonology and spriest I have no problem vs them, it’s all the time free win.

Rogue/mage feels almost like cheating when coordinated properly, especially against certain opponents that don’t have great answers to it. But it still requires coordination and screwing up a setup can cost you the game.

I’d rather fight a rogue/mage team any day than a DH/x team.

Vs Rogue/mage there’s counter play and shut down opportunities. The only counterplay to a DH is driving to their house and unplugging their keyboard. They don’t “want” to do anything, they don’t have “gos”. They just press buttons at you till you die.


I cheese holy priest/x and yea I’m only Rival but literally all I have to do is sit the CC until blind, then I trinket and finally get to start playing. It’s all about focusing the stupid mage as soon as they pop, interrupt greater pyro, and call it a day. Mage lives in the stupid OP tier of destro and DH in arena. Too much mobility (LOL BLINK WHILE CASTING GUYZ), spammable CC, OH YEA AND A FREE built it safeguard trinket.

But I digress. TLDR: Live the opener, trinket blind, then help your partner who should already be focusing mage. it’s as easy as that. I rarely lose to mage/rogue anymore.

Fake edit: OP is an elemental shaman who has totems for everything, and the shortest kick (THATS ALSO RANGED) in the game. I don’t feel sorry for you, punk. How the hell are you struggling against these people with incap totem, grounding totem, hex, and your ranged kick???

I really don’t think you have vsd a well played r/m yet in 2s rofl.

I disagree. They can just sap/stun opener with 2x gpy+rogue cd’s. Kill target will have to use defensives. You trinket blind, they run til dr’s reset, full sheep you+kidney dps into gpy+combust and it’s over.

Not saying it’s impossible to win, but I don’t think it’s as easy as trinketing blind=collect points.

At 1800 most rogue/mages don’t even double greater opener .


Hpriest is the easiest healer to beat next to an rdruid.

B b b buuuuut xaryu says rogue mage is hard in twos and you only win by capitalizing on multiple mistakes the the oppositing team so it must be true.

I mean it’s not like u can sap healer poly dps and get two gpies off before the rogue even opens … oh wait


i guess the rm’s 300 rating higher than you are better

Don’t mind rogue mage that much in 2s as well as rogue/heals or mage/heals because they can actually die if played poorly and have a smaller threshold for mistakes than destros or DHs.

BM seems to farm destros with beast within so I’ve actually grown to enjoy queueing into them but I literally just lost to a first season 12/12M DH who missed 75% of his blade dances, drest’d air 2 seconds after I disengaged, blurs randomly, overlaps dark with ironbark overgrowth, and still does 25k DPS and wins.

As someone who has played dps healer to top 100 in 2s this season (not that that’s some insane feat just saying I have a decent idea of what’s going on) I strongly believe that rogue mage is much harder. When I play with my healer it’s super relaxed, we can make some mistakes and it doesn’t really matter. When I was playing rogue mage earlier in the season as sub it was much more intense. It felt like if cds were not used at exactly the right moment the games sort of fell apart. Really the biggest chance we have of winning is when we abuse a mistake made by the other team. The biggest of these would be like when a Dh and mw would overlap their cds.

The best way to beat a rogue mage as healer dps is to understand when to pop cds and communicate with your healer so that you do not overlap. Trinkets should be used on different goes, not the same go. If you lose, realize you most likely got outplayed and discuss what you and your team mate could have done better and improve the next time! :blush:

Yeah def how it feels.

I played rogue/surv

All as sub and I tried the other day some sub/disc. That was the most chill, fun, and enjoyable Qs in awhile. I think this is actually a very very difficult season or meta for rogue/mage.

On top of that the massive dmg on use trinkets like dres,bike,claw just make it that much harder for us and in the same hand help I guess, but rogue mage feels less about dmg and more about the amount of resets we can do.


yea. dont forget the n’zoth trinket that reduces damage taken with the absorb


Rogue mage still def the best double dps 2s comp. Ret/rogue really the biggest brain :blush:

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100% it is for sure

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