Rogue Looking For Guild!

Hey All,

I am currently looking for a guild for 9.1, I am actually pretty new to rogue. Although, I raided and played my mage in 9.0 and played it to 220 iLvL and got AOTC before stepping into mythic for some prog. I ultimately decided I didn’t enjoy playing mage and was much more interested in playing my rogue, so I’m looking for an experienced guild to join, both for raiding and PvP if possible. Also, would greatly appreciate if the guild had a helpful rogue that was willing to offer advice and tips!

Feel free to leave guild info below or reach out to me on bnet or discord:

BattleNet: Carbon#11679
Discord: Carbon#1426

Hey Nybrac.

Creeping Doom is a Seasoned Mythic Raiding Guild that is currently 10/10 H and pushing into Mythic. We consist of mature, laid back players who have many years of Raiding experience. Although we take Raiding very seriously, we always strive to retain an atmosphere of fun.

Raids are 7:30-11PM EST Tues/Thurs.

We have very knowledgeable players who have played Rogue and would be willing to help you out. I will add you on BNet, but feel free to contact one of us if you would like to talk further. Thanks for your time and Good Luck!

Please Contact:
TRave#11346 - BNet
KingofSweden#1728 - BNet
Artymêss#2216 - Discord
FruitJuice#1798 - BNet
Fruitpunchjuice#6488 - Discord

Good afternoon! I am the GM of Famous Last Pulls on Illidan (Horde). Myself and my raid lead are AOTC this tier and last tier were 7/12M. We are currently rebuilding after some unfortunate circumstances. With our new guild and raid team we are currently building we are 10/10N. Went 7/10N last night and are continuing tonight. Our raid days and times are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 7-10PM CST. You can reach me on discord at Khokho#7940 or not Battle Net at Jedibabb#1312. Hope to hear from you!

Hey there! We are 7/10H fresh formed currently looking for more people to join the team! Check out Our Post

Hi, we may be a fit for you, please message me or another officer if you’re still looking for a guild! 9/10H

Please Contact via Discord:

Raid Schedule

Primary Nights: Wed/Thur @ 9:00pm-12am EST
Optional/ALT Raids: Sunday @ 9:00pm-12am EST

If you’re still looking please let me know! We’re a newly formed guild with old players with 10/10H experience. We’re working on building our ranks with players who enjoying hanging out and doing things with each other in and out of raid!

Let me know if this sounds like something you’d be interested in! Discord - Flirty#5835 or Btag - Jennay#1610