Rogue LF mythic raiding Guild- 7/8M exp

Looking for a weekend raiding guild. Prefer raiding after 10pm est. Currently 1/8M on Rogue and 7/8M on main. rogue - Krueltyok - Zul’jin Mage - Crueltyok- Zul’jin (main)

Guild & Server/Faction: Efficient Stormrage-US Alliance
Raid Times/Days: Friday & Saturday 8-11pm EST
Cleared: 7/8M (US 476 WP) - 8/9M (US 843 WP) Working on P3 Azshara
Recruitment Contacts: Battletag: Karma#12379 or Discord: Kàrmâ#5681
Requirements: Previous Mythic experience, Cutting Edge mindset & current Warcraft logs
Needs: Currently looking for any & all exceptional DPS. Will consider anyone who has the drive, passion and commitment to be part of our team. We are also looking for more interested in pushing M+ keys.