Rogue Finisher - Stealth

Imagine the gameplay. Imagine being able to restealth between packs in 5 man’s. Imagine being randomly taken out of stealth and being able to restealth without having to blow a major CD.


It would be nice but overpowered for pvp, providing even more excuses to give everyone huge AOEs and millions of annoying 30s dots.

I’d rather simply not getting randomly broken out of stealth.

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Might be interesting to have a finisher that provides damage immunity. Something like 5 seconds per combo point spent.


BlizZard could do it but they would have to rebalance Vanish CDs.

An easier solution would be to lower the CD of vanish and remove the immunity but that is my opinion. A lower CD on Vanish would benefit Assassination the most because right now Sub and Outlaw have better access to Vanish.

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I could see there being a talent like “Each enemy defeated reduces the cooldown of Vanish by X seconds”


I would rather see a talent that reduces the cool down based on combo points spent. This would make Vanish a more engaging DPS cool down in all forms of content. Not just M+.

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