Rogue Bug affecting combat points

Im having an issue where sometimes very rarely id say 1 in 40 games this happens, i run it use my cc get 5 combo points and then im just completely unable to spend them. nothing seems to fix this on the games where it happens, not sure if anyone else has encountered this and if anyone has been able to fix it when it happens. i run thug cleave for some background information if that has any part to play in it.

Ive had the opposite issue in mechagon workshop where i just cant generate CP.

Maybe in the heat of the battle you was standing to far from the foe. I was noticing the same at the very situation, maybe it’s the same here.
Or maybe the game (mistakenly) thinks sometimes we are standing to far from the hit box not allowing us to spend CP?
Ofc both cases concerns only melee range dmg finishers, not SnD for example.

I have noticed an oddity from time to time where I’m in range for my auto attacks to hit but not my finishers. I nudge a bit closer to the target and my finishers connect.

I’ve had both of these happen in arena, I’ve noticed the unable to spend combo points a few different times, but the not being able to generate comp points has only happened to me once but was fixed once I relogged

this sounds like could be latency issues on you or maybe your target. they could appear to be in melee range on your screen but actually not, therefore your finisher doesnt go through because not in range

if its like a persisting issue like you cant spend the cp for the rest of the match then sounds like it could be bug. report it in game

I had an issue last night where i couldnt generate points in gambit. But i just died and it fixed itself.

In a 17 Junkyard today, I had infinite energy near Gunkar lol