Rngeezus sockets

Is there still no way to get gem sockets into our pieces besides the vault or does the vault even drop socketed pieces? Is there a reason this is? Does Blizzard never learn that people don’t want to be on their knees praying to the rng god hoping a piece drops and it TiTanFoRgEs

The pieces from your vault can RNG free sockets, yeah.

If you pick the alternative currency (those coin things) you can exchange them for a socket.

You saw this right?

well ya, minimum 5 more weeks to get bis = minimum 2 more subs per acct; theyre filthy crooks, thats the reason

but i guess, if you’ll indulge a brief foray into rl aphorisms, filthy crooks is as much as human beings have amounted to yet, so just make sure you eat mor chikin! <3

They just added in new items to the token vendor. Each cap 1/3 adds another 2 tokens (6 total for a 3/3 cap) and the vendor sells an item to add sockets to S3 gear for 6 tokens now.

So eventually when you are full on gear or have a bad week, you will be able to pickup a sockets instead.

You have misspelled my name therefore zero sockets.