RNG for Rank 4 Essences (Unbound Force, Worldvein, Purification Protocol)

I agree with what you are saying!

(Now working on Rustbolt Paragon box #25)

It appears that Rank 4 Essences will not “go away” in the next expansion. So according to this… the unlucky among us can continue to receive empty Paragon boxes for the foreseeable future.

Q: What will become of the rank 4 essences we’ve acquired in 9.0?
A: We’re going to try something different i.e. not deplete it. As you move to the Shadowlands, your connection to the heart will be depleted. It will be functional in other areas.

I was seeing this come up as well. Apparently from my understanding, Blizzard has found a way (one that I thought of a few times) to selectively deactivate systems from older expansions whenever you are in current content. Meaning if you are in/on a 9.0+ mapID, older systems will turn off. Would be nice to have ashbringer be turned on again and be able to use double divine tempest.

As for Azeroth’s Neckbeard, I am not at all as progressed as anyone else seeking this but it is still a “goal” for me. Would nice to reach it within BFA, but if that is not a possibility, I would hope that it stays in the game, but NOT become trivialized by any degree (meaning once mythic azshara falls under legacy loot, I one shot her for essence etc).

But to OP and others congrats on y’alls progress thus far. And one question, about how much rep are y’all earning per day for both mechagon and nazjatar (or how many days does it take for you to reach the next paragon box, sans rep buffs)?

Thank you. Literally have everyting done, but (even today) completely out of “luck” getting the RNG essences. I realize I have more time, but COME THE HELL ON??!? Any of you guys been completing the weekly island cap since the start of the patch and still don’t have the Rank 4 essence for Worldvein? Have any of you guys been doing all the WQ’s, Mardiva’s Lab, weekly bark item from Ancient Tree dudes, all WQ’s with contract, etc for Unbound Force?

If you have the [Paragon drop] recipe that gives you the ability to craft Rustbolt rep tokens (1 S.P.A.R.E. crate = 100 Rep), with a decently efficient spare part farming group and a Pocket-Sized Computational Device with Metal Detector (increased spare parts), you can probably farm up 100 Rep tokens in 2-3 hours or so (counting recycling turn-ins).

Not exactly engaging, though.

Yes, but how does that help me with Unbound Force or Worldvein? :frowning:

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Potentially a forum error on my part… I was replying to a different post, or so I thought.

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Posting in solidarity as I’m also only missing Worldvein Rank 4 and Purification Protocol Rank 4. Haven’t missed an island weekly or mechagon daily since the patch dropped. :frowning:

At least the Rustbolt Resistance reputation is “farmable” now with spare parts. Not fun at all, but there is nothing of the sorts for the Nazjatar Reputations. They just added something today on Wowhead about it in 8.3. However, in 8.3 you cannot exceed Exalted reputation with the reputation currencies like manapearls or spare crates.

If that’s the case, that totally wrecks the usefulness of that change for Rank 4. I suppose for someone chasing the paragon chest mount, it will still be useful for getting an alt up to exalted to add another character that can chip away at getting paragon chests with more ease. And if Rank 4 were account-wide, those alts could be useful for that too. But Blizzard just indicated again that they’re not making essences account wide in 8.3.

Well, it says that the ones you’ve acquired will not go away. No word really on whether the ones you haven’t acquired will still be available for acquisition. I would bet not at this point, but who knows.

They definitely ought to, especially for RNG that requires a high level of input in order to “pull the lever” of the slot machine like a paragon chest. I don’t think they do though.

Wow this is an intense FoS. Hardest part of it is probably getting the 2400 rating.

Apparently the RNG essences are the hardest…


Meanwhile I’m trying to figure out how and if I’ll ever get M Asshara down and then pray to RNGeuses I get the Rank 4 lol.

I thought it was just me, or I was bugged. I still don’t have the mechagon paragon rank 4, nor the rank 4 worldvein.

This really sucks. I enjoyed working towards and earning the other rank 4 essences, but there is no earning these essences. Log in every day and grind out dailies in hopes of the lottery box dropping. Worldvein is worst - one chance a week? Sucks. I’d rather be able to grind out islands daily for the chance of it drop into my bags than be constricted to a once a week chance.

How am I going to feel when these rank 4’s finally drop? Relieved. How did I feel when the ones I earned popped into my bags? Accomplished.

Take note blizzard: working towards a rank 4 essence to earn it felt rewarding, having to rely on a lottery is frustrating and unfun.


Now assume you actually killed Mythic Azshara and you get the essence. Yet, farming Nazjatar and doing the mythic Island cap every week and not having the RNG ones… :\

Although I know the main concern of this thread is about the Rank 4 essences, I do want to say that as someone also pursuing the mount (which hasn’t dropped after a ridiculous number of paragon chests), I can’t help but be reminded of how at the end of Legion, some devs gave an interview where they said they weren’t going to be putting mounts into paragon chests anymore in BFA because it “felt bad” when you had put months into it and still couldn’t get the drop.

Actually managed to find the clip (with the paragon statement at the 10:00 min mark):

One would think that maybe they could have extrapolated that the thing that “feels bad” wasn’t unique to mounts, it’s simply using paragon chests as an RNG delivery mechanism. Paragon chests feel bad when they get used for soulbound collectibles. Going months grinding 10k rep over and over without getting the relevant item is not a fun mechanism no matter what type of item is put in the paragon chest. (The only thing to me that’s ever seemed fitting to paragon chests was pets, because those can be bought and sold, making the personal lucky RNG not a necessity to get the item).

Of course… they couldn’t even stick to not putting mounts back in, hence the Nazjatar paragon chest mount. Obviously they heard the complaints during Legion. It’s one thing to wonder if feedback is landing on deaf ears. It’s a weirder thing when you see devs actually learning from feedback, and then just kind of forgetting what they learned a few content patches later.

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I just did 2 more Waveblade Ankoan (Unbound Force) paragon boxes this week… Guess what… nothing but resources… This crap needs to be changed.

It also feels worse at the end of this week because you got nothing out of the sped up rep gains of it being the WQ bonus week and it returns to the lower amounts tomorrow.

Ah the achievement for the neckbeard title… I mean azeroth’s champion.

Well here is hoping that bad luck protection gets put onto it. Paragon boxes still give me nightmares because back in legion it took me 500 high mountain tauren paragon boxes to finally get that moose mount.

Puts on tin foil hat. I don’t think the feedback is even seen. I think the devs looks at charts to see how players interact with content. They then decide to expand upon the areas that players interact with the most. It would explain why we keep getting things we don’t like such as pathfinder, allied race gates, infinite AP grinds, island expeditions, and the like.

Well, they knew enough in that interview to know that people found the mounts being put in paragon chests “felt bad” then said they were expecting to just put power-up type items in. So they must have been looking at the feedback during Legion at least. Then they just ended up being dishonest and doing what they said they wouldn’t, then going further by locking Rank 4’s behind paragon chests.