RNG and its role in raiding

Can I just start off by saying… WTF.

Me and a friend are both fire mages, both have done identical PvP, M+, raid bosses etc. and our difference in dps PURELY from sims is 23%. That’s not out playable, that’s not close, and that’s enough to affect raid spots and overall raid performance. And this isn’t a rare occurrence. Across all my raider friends the difference in performance from lucky to unlucky people is as high as 30% for similarly geared players.

The lack of connect between skill/effort and dps is incredible. Bellular has a video about it, taliesin has mentioned it, method, limit have all talked about it. Please blizzard this is not okay.

It’s not fun to be high on dps purely for being lucky, and it’s not fun to be low on dps for being unlucky.


I do think RNG is important but sometimes they take it a bit to far like this. It really does feel like they learned nothing from the legendary system. Assuming this corruption system sticks around until SL at the very least I would like to see them give players a way to corrupt existing items. Maybe some kind of drop in visions or elsewhere that you can use to corrupt an existing item. At least give players more opportunities to get ideal corruption since it is very rare. There is already to much RNG. The chances of getting a BiS item with a BiS corruption on it is incredibly low. I don’t think people are going to put up with 8 months of grinding either.

Also I think at this point they really need to focus on bringing up the weaker corruption affixes. Wearing an item thats 30+ item levels lower than in your bags w/ BiS stats is not a great feeling.

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What you fail to mention is this dmg just from corruption? Has he got better gear than you? Is he his gear more stat optimised that yours ect ect.