<RKS> 11/12M Nya Is recruiting DPS for Its Mythic Roster!

Rainbow Kitten Surprise 10/12M NYA is currently seeking new and returning talent to push mythic progression in BFA. We’re a tight-knit guild focused on building a sense of community, progression. While also maintaining an atmosphere that is friendly, competitive and non-toxic.


Attendance: We only get two days to get in and do what we need to do. We require raiders to give three to four days notice in advance and multiple absence will result in punishment. We only have a limited amount of time and we need all of our raiders to be present, engaged and ready to have fun.

Knowledge: Raiding is a team effort, and the guild supplies multiple resources on class knowledge as well as a dedicated officer core that will sit, look over logs and assess the problems at hand. That being said, we like the majority of our roster to be self sufficient in terms of specific class mechanics and knowledge. Frequenting class discords, wowanyalyzer, and simcraft is welcomed and encouraged here.

Raid Atmosphere: We offer a fun, and relaxed progression environment. Our goal is and always will be to push as far into mythic as possible whilst keeping things light hearted and enjoyable to all. We have a strict no toxicity policy alongside relaying information in a calm, clear and concise manner. We do not tolerate big egos. We are a family, and every raider is important. We encourage a competitive atmosphere, and ultimately look for this in recruits. Personality Is just as important as performance in RKS.

We’re currently in need of the following classes:

Rogue (All)
Druid (Resto/Feral/Balance)
Monk (Windwalker/Mistweaver)
Death knight (Frost/Unholy)
Paladin (Holy)
Hunter (All)
Shaman (All)
Warrior (Arms/Fury)
Priest (All)
Demonhunter (Havoc)

Raid Times We raid Tuesday and Thursday from 8:00pm to 11:30pm EST.

Questions or interest: Add James#13479, Kiana#1580, Softesthands#1150

We require a discord application

App: https:// discord.gg/XV9An7 3

Come replace me friends!

Conclave down. First full night of progression on Rasta tomorrow!

Looking for pumpers for Rastaboi

Still need dps for Rasta prog

Pumpers needed, come show us what you got :wink:

Your tmog may or may not be scaring potential apps away.

5/9 m exp looking to play my warrior :smiley: consider me

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Bump, Recruiting reliable DPS!

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Need bodies for rasta pumps

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Need more DPS

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Hi there! Would you guys be interested in a merger?

Merging has never been something we’re interested in, sorry! Good luck in your search. Bump!