Rise of Azshara PTR Progress

A few minutes ago, we made the Rise of Azshara PTR available for download and install. This is so that initial testers will be completely ready to log in when the test realms are made public.

We are not at that point yet, and we don’t know how long it’s going to take to complete our checks and configuration. It looks like at least a few hours.

We’ll post here confirming when the PTR is playable and the PTR discussion subforums are open.

ETA 12:42 p.m. PDT – The PTR should now be testable.


Its fish time my dudes!


Are 8.2 PTR reactions behind an NDA? :smiley:


Patch notes yes or no?

New worgen and goblin models?

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In… top 10

They didn’t mention them in the live stream so no.

Thanks for the update!

thats likely coming in 8.2.5 or 8.3, they said a “future patch”

Thats 8.2.5, not 8.2

Im ready! :smiley:

Time to see if patch 8.2 swims or sinks and vanilla rises. :cool::cool::cool:

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Public Test Realm, so no NDA. Youtubers from the summit have already been giving information out on it as well.

8.2.5 my dude.

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Just so you know the window for the game won’t display if you’re using 2 or more displays.

The workaround is to only use one display.

I wonder if Mechagon gives some cool mechanical rewards, specially armor and weapons. :thinking:

im a panda


Would you please tweet when its up

Hail Azshara! Hello 8.2 data :heart: