Rise of Azshara PTR - Initial Class Changes

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Thank you Blizzard for not buffing mages. I am enjoying the extra $15 a month I’m not using on a WoW sub

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**THIS **

This is the biggest pain in the behind when we’re in the middle of juggling dots and mechanics when someone dies and we have to stop what we’re dojng, pop out of form, cast, go back into form, and pick up where we left off. I get so mad when I’m close to the top of the dps charts then have to stop and br someone then fall around the 9th/10th dps spot and have to work my butt off to get back up in the charts. I hate this game.


You seem special. Since we talked about a tanks dps and not a dps’s dps. It really is Sunday after all.


The title is “Rise of Azshara PTR - Initial Class Changes” not : tank balance.


Does anyone actually read the whole post?
It literally says “initial class changes” meaning they aren’t done yet. And “will update this list more”


I think most people are in shock that it took them six months to come up with some of these balance changes that could have been pushed through a hot fix honestly.

Also it doesn’t instill much confidence when classes need a lot more than a tepid approach to class design. Patch 8.2 needs to have all class changes sooner on the PTR so players can test it appropriately. Waiting weeks later to do any class changes leaves little time for testing.

Basically the main thrust of class changes should be in the first few PTR builds. If not then BFA is in serious trouble if classes are left to linger.


What exactly is the point of the soothe ability as a druid it is an ability that i never use because it seems very pointless lol From a healers POV druids and DH’s and warriors and Monks are some of the hardest tanks to heal. So I hope that this change will help with that. I really hope these changes help…because right now its a mess. I miss the days when Rebirth was instant lol because having a casting time really hurts when you have to move fast and that person rezing in crap… I hope that it gets better because I am not tanking this xpac because you can’t always heal yourself… DKs are best tanks along with pallys are the moment at least coming from a healing stance. For BM hunters some ppl have it some dont. I gave it up and am playing MM. I hope that its all fixed and hopefully the game wont lag so badly that getting into a dungeon at the beginning doesnt take forever. I will be checking later thanks!

update: I must really be healing some crappy warrior tanks lmao


welcome to the life of more grinding more time to get your neck up to 65 to even get the passive traits lol


Initial. Which means there’s prob more to come. And Prot dps is apart of that change. Just stop. You look like a fool.


These passive traits really should have been set up since the beginning of bfa. I always looked forward in my weapon in legion to getting the next trait. It actually makes the grind some what enjoyable. I actually now will be farming every piece of azerite I can for neck level.

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Moonfire is already not castable in cat form baseline and I doubt this change is removing Lunar Inspiration from the game.

What this change will do is make it so that a Feral who shifts to bear form will no longer be able to cast Moonfire while remaining in bear form.


Guardian changes look good, but please please please Blizz consider giving back our snare on Thrash damage that we have had since at least TBC, if I remember right, and was only removed in BFA.

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Also bummed they didn’t make our mastery also affect armor granted by wards.

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Soothe is extremely useful in higher M+ keys. Works on all raging mobs during that affix week, several mobs that rage no matter the affix. Like the dogs in Siege. Or the Juggernauts in Atal’Dazar. The big dudes on Zul’s platform in the Uldir raid.

I’m torn on the removing Rebirth from Feral. On one hand, it’s losing utility and Feral can’t afford that. On the other, it was so stressful to get someone ressed into melee. It’s a super dangerous place to just dump someone, and stopping and freezing for the 3+ (GCD remember, so have to wait for that last ability to come off cooldown) seconds is also incredibly dangerous anywhere but in melee especially. I don’t mind having the ability for that emergency when all the other BRessers are dead. But as for being the primary option, it sucks.

So, I actually hope that Rebirth is being removed and REPLACED for Feral with something so cool and amazing that not taking one will be a super tough choice. And the years of experience playing this game and seeing changes happen kick in here and force the final comment… Not that anything like that will ever happen though.

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I was listening to the Taliesin video and it looks like its confirmed by Blizz no mechanical changes at all, only the small numbers changes like the ones already listed. Im under the assumption, from what he said, the new major/minor neck traits will somehow look to balance out the classes.

At 5:19 he starts, 5:40 talks about the no mechanics changes, 5:50 talks about the numbers changes balancing around the new HoA traits.

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Hey friend. I hope you take our feedback on Marksman Hunter PvP seriously. Many of us have been giving a lot of the same feedback for a while, and the spec is still basically unused. Generally speaking, the matrix of mobility/cc/defensives is way off considering how squishy the spec is now, and that it is more of a “plant and cast” playstyle. Here’s the latest consolidated thread for pvp issues:

And here’s the continuation of the megathread from alpha/beta/8.0/8.1/8.1.5:



One of the reasons people are quitting the game is the design of classes… Players have been expecting class mechanical changes since 8.0 , 8.1 and now 8.2 will be the same.

We actually have a lot of content , beautiful game zones and environment but the more important thing ‘’ the classes ‘’ are still boring 'cause the lack of habilities. The devs still don’t understand people don’t care about the HoA or new zones or raids if the classes are NOT fun .

The patch 8.2 was going to be the savior of this expansion, but I don’t think so… I don’t want to be negative, but maybe this patch will be the end of BfA and maybe the end of WoW


When will shaman’s class fantasy of tons of overloads and storm elemental haste buff spam be viable, the crit build is so lackluster. Overloads are pretty and really cool just not useful! hell if u have 200% mastery Lightning bolt still only overloads once and overloads don’t help Storm ele stacks… making it potentially cool just kinda lackluster for shamans

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You are not reading the changes correctly. It’s a base increase of 5% damage reduction to all damage types, a small increase to base armor, and then a reduction in mitigation of Demon Spikes to account for the increase in base mitigation, because they don’t want Demon Spikes to be improved by 5% as well.

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Just casting in feral form was removed. It can still be cast.