Rise of Azshara PTR - Initial Class Changes

(Brujanna) #145

It’s a 50% nerf to the bonus that the talent provides, meaning that the ability without any additional modifiers* will actually be doing 75% of the damage it currently does on live.

*lol there are several

(Apprehended) #146

The more I think about this the more I am not surprised Kaivax waited until 5p on a Friday to post these. For as much as we have collectively complained about class balance and just how unfun and unrewarding they are these are absolutely terrible changes. I wouldn’t want to deal with this backlash either.

Maybe there are more coming though and “initial” just means the first iteration of class changes that will hit the PTR and that there are more coming for more classes. But right now I’m reading “initial” to mean the initial version of ALL the class changes coming to the PTR.


So Vengence really isn’t getting any changes except slight nerfs to mitigation. Magic resist is already sad on mine hits like a truck and that is going to be even harder. And to combat the “windows without demon spikes” most stack haste to have demon spikes up 100% of the time which now will mitigate less. I was super excited to actually maybe be half as useful as I was in legion and this is just a nerf to all mitigation except the passive that isnt used often

(Martei) #148

I mean who invites Ferals right so they have to make them even worse somehow. Can’t have feral gain ground or actually be wanted.

(Qurari) #149

Yeah, I don’t understand it. It’s also just a strange nerf. Like, every other spec won’t be punished (though resto is outside a form now) - but feral, hey, you go and be shifted out of your form. And the moonfire one…

It’s just so strange. So unnecessary. At the moment it’s sorta go Boomkin or go home if you want to really push dps performance in the game and this just adds to that.


These changes are not nearly enough to bring guardian druids and vengeance Dh in line with other tanks. Not to mention that those changes should have been hot fixed. I can’t believe how incompetent these developers are.


I have stopped playing mine after 14 years of her being my main. Even over the past few years when I felt like they could have done so much better. Explosive weeks in mythics just finalized it for me. I don’t think they have anyone playing a warlock class who works on this stuff. It is depressing because once upon a time they were SO fun. It seems like they are so scared that people will complain constantly if they make warlocks viable again. Let people complain, they are going to complain about everything anyway.


Hotfix the Guardian and VDH buff, the idea that you put a changelog for a 4-months-later content to dangle them make you look scummy Blizzard.

(Turbocharged) #153

I really hope they do some initial testing and push out the VDH/Bear numbers changes ASAP, then continue to work on specific abilities/talents changes for release on 8.2


It should defiantly be a hot fix for now to put these into play then use the ptr for additional baseline armor buffs and Meta buffs.


I am 120. The forums are glitched. My toon is Winnk-proudmoore. Some reason the forums haven’t ever updated my character but if you looked at the image he is wearing a lvl 120 mog.

Warriors have been soo over tuned this xpac that they can out dps outlaw rogues on cleave. This nerf was needed to make other tank’s competitive because many key holders above a 15 key will rarely bring any other tank to m+ besides a prot war.

Personally, playing prot warrior just felt to easy in high keys compared to other tanks specs and that wasn’t fair to the community. This isn’t classic where warrior was the only tank. Today the community needs multiple classes and off specs to be viable in content, otherwise new players won’t take the time to reroll from zero-120 to have a viable class for end game and we wont have enough players to even fill the groups for content. Even now, when I’m on my dps toon or healer I still wait 2 hours to find a tank to fill a +15 or higher key. #buffalltanks2019

Don’t worry. Warrior will still be top tier, even with this tuning. Thunder clap by itself without avatar got zero nerf so far. And we will still be top DPS for tanks.

We just need more tanks to be viable. Just like we need to see other healing classes besides resto druids in m+.

When I watch the MDI videos and only see the same toons I feel like it devalues the time I’ve put into my other classes that aren’t represented in MDI or even capable of entry. Could a mage keep up with a rogue on cleave in a MDI? Could a disc heal a +20 key better then a resto druid or even do as much dps as a resto druid?

Some classes need some serious PVE buffing for mythic plus, which has become a major part of the content we have learned to enjoy in this game.


There we go, forum name updated.

(Turbocharged) #157

I think they should but its Blizzard so I dont really think they will. The numbers tweaks look like simple hotfixes they should just put in but…who knows what those guys think.


Great job Blizzard, Warrior (Arms and Fury) bottom of the dps meters, to the point of only 1 warrior being suffered per night going into mythic for a stupid buff, and you decide your first warrior step is to nurf prot warrior damage…

(Talbyy) #159

I don’t feel like there is a ton of merit in changing things for the sake of changing them especially when you know that you already want to make adjustments that address how it feels to play a spec, not just how it looks on paper. You never know if you might miss the mark, or want to make more adjustments, or a better idea comes along and you want to test it out.

This also gives people time to decide if maybe next patch / next tier they wanna bring that Guardian Druid out of the shadow realm and get the rust off without logging in one Tuesday to all these changes that may not stick when 8.2 goes live and it gives everyone time to see the changes, decide if they want to take part in testing / feedback, and chat about it as opposed to posting reaction videos to knee jerk hotfixes that may or may not achieve the intended goal.


Prot dps really is high for a tank. Everyone saw this coming so no need to act hostile.

(Talbyy) #161

I healed a warrior with a few peices green gear on in a 10 and this dude whipped out 52k+ dps in Waycrest Manor. I was impressed.


Rouge, Dh, Monk and Ele dps is too hi for dps (https ://www.warcraftlogs.com/zone/statistics/20#metric=playerscore&dataset=95&class=DPS ) but we are only to complain War tank dps.

(Masoschism) #163

That is not what that data tells me. Rather it looks to me like Outlaw is the only outlier and that there are three distinct groups of specs. It says to me that there are specs that “have” and specs that “have not.” I further surmise that the reason they have or not is because of the poorly idealized “spec fantasy” design mentality that has been pushed since Legion. In this spec fantasy there are specs that have zero cleave damage as an example. A zero in a required category is ludicrous design when that category is necessary for success. It guarantees failure.

Those weaknesses shouldn’t be shored up in diverse encounter design for two reasons. 1) I doubt that is even possible for anything even approaching “evenness”, as there are only so many ways to make an encounter. 2) it isn’t fun for the have not’s, even if those have not’s are different specs on different encounters (ie. even if you are successful in (1)). It needs to be recognized by the design team that a weakness does not have to mean don’t have.

Perhaps I am seeing that in the data because I have been saying that for a long time now, and that is what I want to see. Further analysis would be required to justify that position, but at the very least it is what would be seen If that statement were true.

(Masoschism) #164

When only one tank is desired at the top end, and they are desired in no small part because they out DPS everyone else then yes, it is a problem that needs addressing.