Rise of Azshara PTR - Initial Class Changes

(Fenrirulv) #125

These are some good steps in the right direction for Bears, though I’d still really like to see Frenzied Regeneration removed from the GCD.

Decurse in form is nice, though still not going to really fill that utility niche we’re lacking.

The 50% nerf to Thunderclap might be a bit much though. Prot War dmg is insanely high, but cutting it in half might be overkill…


I love how they made Feral unable to cast Revive in Cat Form, as if those poor bastards needed another kick in the teeth :frowning:

(Sëliciä) #127

8.2 isn’t a mid tier patch. once the patch goes live season 3 will follow 2 to 3 weeks after. unless they actually test an fix the bugs then the patch will be delayed (which i hope for, after all I’m all for a polished product at release vs a dented old clunky machine filled full of rust) till season 3 launch which would result in the raid an mega-dungeon released on day 1 of the patch.

that being said, major class tuning would be nice, after all with the new systems going in this patch they’re obviously going to need to tune around them anyway, it would make sense to go ahead an look at the classes an see what’s working good an what’s not working as intended an fix what’s broken.

An with this patch would be a great time to actually fix the bugs that’s been in the game since 8.1.5 launched.


Both Paladin and DK possess less passive mitigation than Prot warrior. When you consider active mitigation, yes, DK, Pally, Vengeance have superior self healing which gives them an edge in terms of magic mitigation.

On top of this, consider the fact that BDK has horrible scaling so they will see less and less use despite superior magic mitigation.

This, however, needs to consider how many fights are magic heavy of which there are less. Even then, it isn’t as if Warriors have absolutely no teals to assist in this aspect with ignore pain. Not to say ignore pain is amazing, but considering Warrir are king are physical mitigation they need to not fill every niche while also have so much more superior damage.

(Xathra) #129

True but it’s not shown as a standard statistic you would have to dig through a crap ton of individual logs and compile spreads to compare

(Xathra) #130

A 50 percent damage nerf on the vast majority of our damage burst increase is way too much. The top top keys pallys are already starting to pass warrior take away reap and that aoe burst starts mattering a lot less


Except that Paladins have to work significantly harder to reach similar damage and they have LESS mitigation comparatively.
Nerfing damage DURING avatar isn’t going to be a massive los for warriors.
Still the best physical mitigation tank, just won’t hit so hard on a singular abilty during a singular CD.


You know nothing. The only way for paladin to outdps warrior in aoe is if they’re Lightforge Draenei and talent into seraphin losing a lot of their mitigation capabilities, while warrior with 3x bastion of might turns on Avatar outdps everybody while taking no damage with 70% crit block chance. There’s absolutely no excuse for it’s damage not to be nerfed. Just checked the top 100 io tank scores we have 85 warriors and 5 paladins. Yeah dude paladins are getting there!

(Xathra) #133

Or you could actually look at the leaderboards and see that two specific paladins have nearly half the first page, and that’s with still having the aoe insanity affix not the supposed single target one coming in s3. Nobody is talking about pally outdpsing warrior on aoe we are talking about utility vs damage


Which doesn’t matter a bit because all of those clears are TD, a meme dungeon where you don’t have to tank anything you just cannon blast your way to victory.

(Cogshanked) #135

Casting ice lance as a frost mage is a dps loss, if he has no traits increasing ice lance damage and has 3 of Flash Freeze. While I prefer this rotation, you should probably do something about it.


I was thinking about this today. Then it dawned on me that we might get an essence that would buff bw or barbedshot. So its kinda nice they did this so our stuff scales.

(Yura) #137

9 months later and cooldowns on GCD still feel bad.

(Vaurien) #138

Hey there. Sorry for the late replay. I was more referring to Seasons as it pertains to live realms rather than tournament realms. Blizzard usually balances at the end of PvP seasons and recently M+ seasons. I agree with that reasoning because I would prefer that changes be batched together rather than constant disruption. I apologize that I wasn’t clear about that in my previous reply.

(Qurari) #139

But why?

Is this to stop Resto druids in PvP from being able to Moonfire in bear form? Is it to address cat weaving by resto druids? I understand the damage is a high on the second, but the first… I just don’t understand why you’re doing this? The same with Rebirth. Why would you make feral shift out of cat form when you’ve already put a cast time on it? What point is? Is it a serious response to cat weaving?

What’s the point here?

If this is a nerf against Resto druid who take the feral affinity and cat weave, then you need to rethink this, as it does damage to actual feral druids.

If it’s just a kind of casual nerf for the sake of it, it doesn’t make sense. It really doesn’t impact on the fantasy of anything, just kind’ve feels like an unnecessary act, really.

EDIT: I’ve gone back and edited a bit to fit in cat weaving, as I think the feral nerf is in response to that. Sadly.

(Varrow) #140

Hunters have it bad for sure, but it still hasn’t made the game any better for any class. Just another example of them not giving a flip about class design and pushing through half assed ideas and not following up on those ideas when they have problems.


Are you guys (Blizzard balance team) ever going to make any of the other Vengeance Demon Hunter talents useful? I’ve legit used a single build for Veng since they’ve been released… I have NEVER needed to change it. The other talents are garbage. I’m sure you’re aware of the build I’m talking about. I don’t think the correct thing to do is NERF the current build… as DH isn’t super strong even with the changes you’re going to put out. I think the correct thing is to BUFF the NEVER USED talents… There’s so many that are NEVER EVER EVER taken… and I would LOVE to use Fel Devastation… Just saying…


this better be a super duper very extremely preliminary version of class changes

because VDH and guardian have gigantic fundamental problems that won’t be solved by small number changes

and the OP meta specs in M+ will hardly be touched by such numerical changes, such as prot warrior continuing to be godmode as long the anger management talent exists, cooldown reductions based on resource usage are fundamentally VERY powerful, here is an example of actual balance changes required for prot warrior tuning

  • anger management nerfed to 15-20 rage required per 1 sec cooldown reduction
  • booming voice damage bonus reduced by half
  • avatar cooldown increased to 2 minutes
  • spell reflection cooldown increased to 30-40 sec
  • base damage of thunderclap reduced by 25%

and you STILL have fundamental defensive rotational tank abilities like paladin LOTP and druid FR on the global cooldown, WRONG WRONG WRONG, you guys do NOT get the fundamental design issues that people have been describing at length since patch 8.0


I can’t seem to figure this logic out myself. Makes literally 0 sense.


try playing Sub …