Rise of Azshara PTR - Initial Class Changes


Honestly I will not be completely surprised if rebirth is being removed as a castable spell in cat form. This is seems par for the course considering the addition of shifting to the GCD. (Which is constantly irritating) In any case, this represents another nerf to our utility as we will have to eat GCD’s to cast rebirth which means we are also dpsing less. Nice…

Sunoco, ferals have slowly been losing things that made us fun and smooth to play for a while and they won’t talk to us about it. It’s to the point where I feel like a broken record.


Hilariously enough I see a lot of these comments about classes that seem to have been doing fine in the PvP front (at the very least) asking for buffs. For example, mage and rogue combo has been a huge cheese to get to higher ranking in arenas. And as a healer/holy healer, it’s been suffering and frustrating. I’ve also felt Druid healing (mostly cyclone) has been frustrating as well. Any class with major cc needs a trim somewhere. I don’t enjoy queuing into a match and being cycloned, poly’d, any of the four different rogue stuns while my team member is killed within a minute of the match. One could argue I could line of sight, but these classes are meant to close gap quickly, making that also impossible as anything besides a resto druid with their sprint and stealth. I don’t know of a solution, but I want a change. I would also want Holy to be a bit more viable in PvP. (Granted I know it’s the community that tries to main stream everything that makes it difficult to play the classes we want these days.) But keep up the good work!

(Xathra) #85

They weren’t going to be the absolute best once reaping was gone anyway the warrior damage right now is what would keep them semi meta but they would still be outclassed by prot pallies and blood dk most weeks. This is just going to completely knock them out of the meta entirely.

(Liaka) #86

Tournament realms can still be on non-live changes. You know that right?


The healing is some what consistent tbh. On the lower end hps wise? Sure. But I think with these base mitigation buffs it will equal out. The only question is, is it enough to put us on par so we don’t get insta declines for raids or higher M+. The other question is, will they help us with Meta. That’s another serious issue with the spec.

(Liaka) #88

You know you’re wrong right?

(Jape) #89

They could still fix Meta.

A quick bandaid would be 35-45% flat dr instead of an armor buff.


They can. But will they is the question. Ide Luke to be able to press it and continue to help dps threw the dungeon rather then kite a little. Or be able to pull a big pack and press it. Right now it’s just wet paper. More health is not the answer.


Are you capable of being thankful for anything or do you just turn anything anyone says into an opportunity to complain?

(Dramghrul) #93

I am really shocked to not see any mention of death knight on this list. Frost is currently a broken mess that revolves around Breath of Sindragosa talent tree and is forced to be punished by any movement. Unholy is arguably in the same boat, long cds that are the majority of the damage, and punished by having to move off the boss.


If Reapening didn’t exist warriors would still be the goto tank right now. Mitigation only needs to be at certain levels, beyond that you want as much damage as possible. We can napkin math the numbers but this isn’t going to break prot warriors. It will, however, reign them in a bit. And that’s absolutely a good thing.

(Xathra) #95

I’m not reaping is the primary reason prot has become so indispensable once reaping is gone the mass aoe damage will be less important especially if outlaw being nerfed causes pull sizes possible to decrease

(Xathra) #96

Prot pallys would likely be the goto tanks without reaping. Much better kiters significant utility and still pretty dang good damage. They are already starting to climb up the top ranks between the top 2 they have about half the leaderboard of highest keys now. Whether that is due to people on mdi can be debated.

(Liaka) #97

As someone who also has a protection warrior and also pushes content higher than you, you’re absolutely wrong.

Prot warrior significantly by a huge margin takes less damage than any tank in the game. Look at the numbers on warcraft logs.

You’re only doing 15 keys. You can easily be doing 24 keys right now in that gear you have. Do you not realize that?

Your rotation is literally shield block, shield block, shield block, last stand. Rinse Repeat to take almost no damage. Throw in some free ignore pains in there. Your absorbs are free healing that a healer doesn’t have to do. Also throw in, you get free revenges to spam free dps increases. What? LOL.

Vengeance Demon Hunter has to do a significant amount of more work to keep active mitigation up and self- healing. I have to generate globes to heal myself sacrificing DPS temporarily to increase self- healing.

Sure prot paladins will be #1 if you get gutted by you don’t seem to realize that you have 4 talents that need a nerf.

Into the Fray needs to be reduced to 5% down to 15%.
Bolster is absolutely busted. Reduce it to 30 seconds or take away the 60 second cooldown and allow it to just block melee attacks.
Booming Voice? LOL! How about just 20 rage generation and only a 10% damage boost.
Anger management needs to be spending 15 rage up from 10 rage gets you those bonuses.

Then maybe you will finally take as much damage as other tanks. Prot Warrior is so boring to play.

Once again I’m listing your rotation for you.

shield block, shield block, shield block, last stand. Shield slam when shield block is up? Have rage? Just dump into ignore pain. Get free revenge procs? Use em!

So brain dead.


Prot is busted…

(Xathra) #99

You are talking to someone who pugs and doesn’t have a set team due to schedule. Also no your changes are absolutely idiotic and put Prot on level with current guardian/vdh

You are basically trying to make it as crappy as current vengeance which is why I didn’t list vengeance. Also the highest pushes in the world with teams right now are 24 not with straight up pugs lol there are two total 25 keys that have been timed. I’m happy for you that you have multiple 9/9 mythic buds to play with I don’t. I get to pug and pray that dps actually have a clue how to output.

(Liaka) #100

I literally pug 19 keys.

Not my fault you’re alliance. Go to horde you will literally pug 19 and 20 keys. Wtf lol

(Xathra) #102

I have no wish to go horde the few people I still know who play are alliance once they quit maybe I’ll gear up my horde toons.

I am not complaining about the key level I am able to pug but nuking warriors niche will make it incredibly hard to pug groups for warriors of all levels. Tanks need to be brought up not brought down. Void and Guardian in particular Brew could use some damage buffs as well although their survival is excellent.

The solution is to bring other tanks up not to make warriors blood and prot pallys worse

(Liaka) #103

You still take 20% to 30% less overall damage than any top tier tank in the game for mythic raid content. wtf.

If they bring your damage down to other tanks you also cant take 20% to 30% less damage than other tanks.


The only thing they offer is kittyweaving. They are actually not as good from a purely healing standpoint as say holy priest or a MW monk.

The thing is by properly kitty weaving you can put out a substantial amount of dps while also healing because your using dots for damage. I kinda see the issue though, kittyweaving is such a high skill cap they really don’t want to nerf it as it is the hardest style of healing possible by far even more difficult than disc.

Personally I wouldn’t mind a slight kittyweaving nerf and a buff to the damage done by the balance spells as well as slightly buff all the non disc dps abilities for healer.

The only real reason MDI is nothing but druids is purely the damage aspect, if they nerf the kittyweaving damage then everyone will just swap back to using disc. What they really need to do is buff all the damage options of healers.