Rise of Azshara PTR - Initial Class Changes

(Plytofski) #63

Blizzard doesn’t tune mid tier, they only tune at the start of the tier. This is why you should just always play Flavour of the Month.

(Varrow) #64

That’s just not true though. They tuned multiple times in Uldir. They tuned a few times during Antorus. There was tuning at least twice in ToS. They have always been more active with hotfix tuning than they have been in season 2 of BfA.

Additionally looking back at Legion you had .5 patches falling later in raid tiers which always had significant class changes (and hence tuning). Now BfA might not need the same level of extensive changes in .5 patches that Legion did, but it still needs tuning.

(Sifu) #65

Appreciate the VDH buffs. I would have liked to see a buff to their self sustain as well. They are supposed to be midway between a mitigation tank (War/Guardian) and a self sustain tank (BDKs) and right now their self healing is below Prot Pallies and probably even BrMs.

Would be great if you just made Spirit Bomb standard and added a talent to buff it in its place.

(Ahanss) #66

oooor you could have just let feral and guardian use remove corruption in form and not done any of this extra stuff. Would’ve been less work and had a better end result.


That’s great. But you know it is absolutely frustrating to play now. Raiding is harder and you’re SOL with loot chances. Fix your loot system it really sucks. How is this loot system fair when I’ve been grinding mythics and raids with no loot. Overall it just feels really hard and I feel like I’m not going anywhere because I don’t the right gear with the right stat (or any decent loot for that matter).

I’m sure there are lot of players who quit for this reason…


How is their healing stronger than others in m+? I don’t think the issue is their healing strength, but that they are more desirable due to the brez, heals on the run, and cat dash.


Those changes would not change MDI comps at all, warrior AoE dps would go down by about 20% on AoE during Avatar. And by like 10% throughout the whole dungeon. They would still be plenty ahead of other tanks and still take less damage from physical hits than any other tank.


These are all very promising. Could you also add back into the game how Rapid Fire for MM Hunters would continue to cast after the target died? This functionality disappeared for some reason in 8.1.5.


Blood dk basically the only tank people want in legion: alright for half the xpac.

Prot warrior a desirable tank for one patch: shut that crap down now!

(Sunoco) #72

Can you explain why feral and Guardian druids suffer unlike any other specs in the game? I understand the want for class fantasy, but you put forms on the GCD so coming out is such a tax.

I am not sure if you’re not including rebirth by accident for ferals, but I’d it’s not, please reconsider. Why punish ferals? For what purpose?
If it’s all about fantasy you have to cut ferals a break and remove forms from the GCD just for feral.


I’m not sure who has more terrible ideas and/or logic ActiBlizz or WWE story writing, good lawd.


I’m not really sure how your damage is bottom tier, I’ve seen some DKs put out some amazing damage. All the A52 DKs I played along with do decent damage alot more than what the charts are showing.


Soothe, Remove Corruption, Moonfire, and Rebirth are now castable in Cat or Bear form by default.


I finally felt like I was able to do comparable damage output as a Beastmaster hunter, and you nerf it. Well, I am not going to play that (in MY opinion) gawd awful Survival spec, not am I going to go Lone Wolf Marksman just to have some throughput. I am going to play a ranged Hunter with a pet, even if you crush my damage to nearly nothing. Grrrrr!

(Ravatin) #77

VDH needs Meta to not be weaker than Demon Spikes. It’s a 3 min cooldown it should be impactful. Fiery Brand also needs to be taken off of the GCD. Maybe having Fracture as baseline could be considered. Those will help the VDH to be more inline with the other tanks.

(Xathra) #78

don’t post on a 110 alt pretending to be a warrior these are moronic changes and will firmly place blood dks and prot pallys back on top and warriors into the garbage heap. The primary reason warriors are brought is damage which will be less important as reap disappears.

(Xathra) #79

pretty much yeah :frowning:

(Cluey) #80

No idea what you’re reading.
All the notes about guardian are buffs.
There is nothing said about resto.
Feral is getting a QoL change which I flagged months ago.

Are you just crying because you want to?


lol such salty hyperbole

Warriors will be fine. Just because they’re not going to be the absolute best doesn’t mean they’re being put “into the garbage heap”. Where do you think every other tank spec has been this season? You’ll find a way to cope, I assure you.

(Juggs) #82

Would be a nice quality of life change to also take Frenzied Regen off the GCD for Guardians.

Can dps warriors get Shockwave back? Or some meaningful utility to make them worth taking? (Same goes with Feral Druids and other underrepresented classes). I’m not sure why dps warriors and shadow priests lost their aoe stun while the classes they have to compete with have more than enough utility if not too much.