Rise of Azshara PTR - Initial Class Changes


Nice! No subtlety buffs!

Way to continuously disappoint us :slight_smile:

(Naros) #43

Any chance Guardian druids will also see:

  1. Frenzied Regeneration taken off the GCD
  2. A snare such as Bloody Paws returned as baseline on our Thrash applications

(Beefköw) #44

Unstoppable force is going to be picked no matter how many times they nerf it.

The other 2 talents are worthless and don’t compete, at all.


I’m happy to see some bugs getting fixed but could you please let the hunter developers know that thrill of the hunt is still useless since our pets don’t receive the crit buff. it would be very nice to have that talent be useful when i try and use a dance of death crit build.

(Arnath) #46

Holy Paladins have been giving months of careful and important feedback regarding the poor and boring state our spec is currently in. Completely useless and in some cases broken talents and gameplay have remained untouched for months.

Not one single developer has acknowledged these issues.

Now the first PTR build of 8.2 and we are once again ignored, i shouldn’t be surprised… and yet i am.


DK armor needs a buff too it’s insane the amount of physical damage taken difference between shield tanks and DK/DH right now.

(Reshyk) #48

Wait, Ferals can’t cast Rebirth in cat form anymore? First you take away the instant cast and let Guardians keep it but now we have to shift out of cat form to brez? Yeah I’m not brezing in raid anymore.


Well fellow rogues, looks like our fun will be coming to an end (it was fun) and we’re going to be stuck playing assassination again. Subtlety could really use some love, but hey, maybe there’s still time on the ptr.


Death Knights really need to have a solid look at. We currently bring bottom tier damage, death grip, and…? It seems silly at how much more unholy frenzy is vs garg on Single Target. I’m not quite sure what direction you want to go with in terms of where to put damage, but our single Target definitely needs a solid looking at.


PUHLEEEEASE can druids have full moon as a baseline ability? Boomkin just feels wrong without it. There’s seriously no choice in that talent row, I don’t want to be using the same damn talents for an entire expansion.


Wow, really-removing cast rebirth from in cat form? It doesn’t even make sense given it has a cast time for feral. Either remove the cast time and allow it to be instant or cast in cat form with a cast time. If it’s not one or the other forget feral ever casting a battle res unless it’s the only one. We need increased utility for Raid/ M+ this is a step backward.

All this is going to do is make feral ignore a call for battle res in a raid setting given it will take 3 gcd’s (including a cast time) to perform and going back to dps to resto/moonkin/guardian’s 1 gcd. No thank you I’ll pass on using that “utility” and remain in cat form.


Veng really should have had these changes as hot fixes or in earlier patch’s tbh blizz. Is there any word or idea how to also address Meta? Our only “tank cd” that really isn’t even a defensive? I feel horrible when I press it knowing it’s not guna do anything really.


Prot is still way better than DK.

Oh, and it’s “you’re” btw.


Great start. I hope the tclap nerf is enough for prot. I honestly think prot warriors could use a small base nerf to the tclap ability on top of the unstoppable talent nerf. Without this they still might be to strong for other tanks to compete.

But my question is where is the buff to mages or disc priests?

(Revolutionx) #57

I use it in both PvP and pve and still seem to pump out the damage. I really like it. Youre right thought it would make sense if it was just baseline its so amazing for pooling ap + 3 moons resulting in a lot of starfalls.

(Varrow) #58

These all seem like very reasonable and thought out changes. That’s nice and good. What about lots of other stuff that needs addressed?

Like talent balance across almost every spec in the game? Like Arms Warriors and Mages being tuned awfully in general?

What about the APM of arms being one of the slowest specs in the game? What about warriors offering no utility to group (especially dungeon) play? What about since you removed an Azerite trait from the game that Arms execute doesn’t even do more damage than most classes normal rotation?

What about 25% (or like 40% in PvP) of our damage coming from a passive dot for Arms warriors and our big meaty hits that the spec was built on doing noodle damage?

I mean dang guys, you haven’t tuned any class in the game since the Mythic raid release. These are good changes, but where are the rest?

(Martei) #59

Very curious about this it if it doesn’t cover rebirth for feral would really like to know why this limitation is only on feral. I mean what purpose would or does it serve. Just to keep feral as the bottom druid spec ? maybe

If the justification is cause feral can come out of from to cast then may be moonkingshould have to come out of form as well or at the very least our bleeds better not get weaker cause we have to come out of form to cast it.


They need to remove the dumb pet from being rotational and put power back into the dots. There’s no point in playing a dot class when you’re front loaded on 1 target.

(Whitecrow) #61

I disagree.
Only thing that makes Prot the popular choice right now is that AoE damage.

(Kateey) #62

Anything to change the dominance of R Druid in m+… Or at least change other healers to have competitive dmg/utility… Just a bit dumb with r druid being the main viable m+ healer since m+ was released.