Rise of Azshara PTR - Initial Class Changes


Called it.

Unstoppable Force Thunderclap damage reduced to 50% (was 100%).
Developers’ notes: Protection Warrior burst DPS with Avatar is extremely high for a tank. This talent was adding more damage than necessary, given that it also decreases Thunder Clap’s cooldown and synergizes well with certain Azerite traits.

(Ojoverde) #23

You forgot to fix affliction warlocks! we still suck badly for M+ and PVP

(Sëliciä) #24

Any plans on addressing the current BUG with “Endurance Training” and “Aspect of the Wild” as well as the pet bug for all classes that use pets

  • Endurance Training doesn’t properly apply to the character an pet I’ve addressed this in a post quite awhile ago linked below
  • Aspect of the Wild never applies the bonus 10% critical strike chance while it active the buff is active on the bar but I’ve had my character panel open before during and after using AotW and the critical strike chance percentage never changes
  • And now the pet BUG, this BUG affects all pet classes including Hunters, Mages, Warlocks, and Death Knights. I’ve addressed this more extensively in several posts but most extensively in the post linked below
  • there’s also a BUG that affects all pet classes that prevents pets from crossing bridges while attacking enemies
  • there’s also a bug where in some instances after leaving a vehicle pets while on assist won’t automatically begin attacking enemies after a player begins engaging with enemies.
  • there’s also a BUG to go along with the above point where after toggling the pet from a passive state to an assist state the pet will intermittently attack or just not attack at all unless the player fully dismisses it an re summons it.

All of these are rather annoying.


I have, and that basically sums up my experience.

I feel like at this point Blizzard just goes out of their way to make Feral the worst they possibly can.


seeing as most of these are prety minor passive % changes do we seriously have to wait for 8.2 to get them? veng has been hot garbage for a long time. please just hotfix the buffs in and dont make us wait even longer

(Perifery) #27

Of course feral gets nothing again. JUST GIVE US LEADER OF THE PACK BACK And also why can every other form use rebirth but we have to pop out of form AND cast? Get it together blizzard. Ferals need utility badly.

class development should not be THIS hard this day and age.


The game is so stale right now especially in PvP.
We need big changes if for nothing more than to shuffle the deck a bit and change the meta in PvP and M+/raids as it has dragged on for too long.
These are wimpy first attempts at changes.


Hopefully you intend to address several under-performing DPS specs too.


They should be and could have been done much earlier except they are to afraid of ruining mdi comps.


Bm fix litterally solves nothing it’s such a poorly scaling spec still.

(Turbocharged) #32

Why arent these things just hotfixes? I can understand the ability changes for feral/druids within/out of castable form not being implemented, but seriously? The small tweaks to damage/survival numbers? WtH guys, these should have been in months ago.


These all seem good and fair. Thank you.

(Masoschism) #34

They had to get six sigma data. Then they had to write a paper on it, send it out for peer review, get the reviews back, make the changes, rerun the experiment to satisfy the criticism, get seven sigma data just to be safe, and then resend it out for review…

(Morgip) #35

Let DK rule most of an expac and then a whole tier in BFA…nerf prot asap

Good job devs your awesome


I would really like if rebirth was kept castable on cat form. Even though I don’t think it would have much impact on my damage, but it feels very disruptive and panic inducing, specially with all the dots juggling that you have to do. It is already a class so hard to play…


I have a big issue with the logic of that beast mastery change.

So BM players were losing out on damage because of a bug, so now you’re fixing this bug, but also nerfing Barbed Shot to make them do the same amount of damage?

Why bother fixing the bug at all then if you aren’t going to give hunters back damage they lost due to a bug? Doesn’t that mean the damage loss was intentional?

So because of a bug, they’re nerfing Barbed shot. Why not just let barbed shot have the damage it was losing from the bug? Why would that be so bad? I don’t even PLAY BM hunter but this line of logic is messing me up.


Make Frost mages good again

Fix Icy veins because it is not very good compared to combustion and arcane power. Here’s the issue I find

It last 3 minutes and doesnt give you a substantial dps buff. Yes haste is great, but being immune to spell casting effects needs to go and needs to be replaced by another power (say Frigid Grasp trait)

(Josefine) #39

IMO, Feral should get Rebirth put back into Predatory Swiftness. This would help bring our utility more in line with, say, a DK. And since we’d lose a Blood Talon proc by using PS to rez, it would have a slight penalty to keep it from being too big a buff.

Also, this. Outlaw has a certain rhythmic cadence to it, and squeezing Blade Flurry into it just feels awkward. Especially when AR plus a good roll (never mind Time Warp) puts the spec into overdrive.

And given how situational Blade Furry is (sometimes we hit it at 5points to immediately Dispatch a group, at others we hit it before building), it’s not really something one would stick in a “Swifty” macro anyway.


Oh great… another druid nerf to my class lovely first you make feral almost unplayable then you gut guardian and now resto is getting nerfed AGAIN for the uptomost time who does these balance changes???


Starting 8.2 off on the right foot with a bunch of nerfs.