Rise of Azshara PTR - Initial Class Changes

(Ojoverde) #250

Lack of class/spec balance in the incoming patch 8.2 still, we havent learned yet that players dont like this blizzard? only 8.5% players left on last patch?


Welcome to the wowlight zone!


You’re trash tier. DKs have been begging for help since Legion and you gutted us and took away 2h Frost. Thanks for absolutely nothing. #GarbagePaleCMs

(Kabbie) #253

They don’t have to, and feral doesn’t have to. If you look at it this way, your friends aren’t trying to force you into another spec, right? That has to be a good thing.

(Failedwizard) #254

It’s almost been an entire month since this thread was created and we are still waiting to see any of these PvP tuning adjustments you promised us appear on the PTR. I’d like to actually deal some damage as Arcane rather than just be a support spec.

(Ojoverde) #255

I think they mean initial and final changes!


Gnome and Tauren Mount Size fixed. Now class balance are done.


This is disappointing if it’s the end of class balance. I don’t mind if Breath of Sindragosa needs to be nerfed into the ground, just please buff other competing talents so we have options. If frost is going to have performance issues, at least let me have an enjoyable rotation.

(Kabbie) #258

It isn’t. Azshara is the mid-point of the expansion. That being said, I’d like to see a MM buff or two, but I’m not holding my breath.

(Nuisense) #259

Wow, that’s a depressing thought.

(Drezwazluz) #260

There’s not really a good benchmark to go off of.

MoP, the .2 patch was right around half way.

WoD, the .2 patch was the last, expansion had nothing more after it beyond minor updates.

Legion, the .2 patch was second to last, certainly further along than half way but not quite at the end, as 7.3 and 7.3.5 were both major patches.

So, we can’t really do more than guess as far as if we’re halfway, most of the way done, or over.

(Rockford) #261

Yeah, while we could compare the Azshara raid to Legion’s Tomb, i think mention of mid-point was in regards to time, as the final raid would be in effect for an extended amount of time. This could very roughly make Azshara release as BFA’s half-life.

Much as i loved the HFC and SoO raids, the time they were up was brutal.

In edit:
WoD released - Nov 13, 2014
BRF opens - Feb 3, 2015
HFC opens - June 23, 2015

Legion released - Aug 30, 2016
ToS opens - June 20, 2017
Antorus - Nov 28, 2017

BFA released - Aug 14, 2018

While HFC was technically WoD’s half-life, that expansion did not go to plan, and was publicly abandoned for work towards Legion. I do think BFA will have a similar blueprint to Legion in that we’ll have one more raid after Azshara.

(Kabbie) #262

I was going off what was mentioned at Blizzcon about Azshara being BFA’s Gul’Dan: major lore character, but not the final boss.

(Rethumtv) #263

So the PTR is pretty far in it’s lifecycle of testing already. When are we going to see PvP specific class changes?

At this point you guys either:

A.) Aren’t making changes like you said you would.
B.) Aren’t leaving enough time to properly test these changes.

(Rethumtv) #264

Bump. Still looking for a reply on my initial question. Why is this all the class changes so far? Where are all PvP changes players have been concerned with for months now?

DH/DK to much passive healing from meta and death strike, Gpyro and Fire mage in general to much burst damage for the amount of control it has. Frost DK / Aff / MM / Feral / Disc / Holy Priest being terrible for PvP. We have the technology since Legion to scale classes in PvP, let’s actually use it… plz!