Rise of Azshara PTR - Initial Class Changes

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Careful, Martei. I got a forum vacation for using that word.

(Martei) #211

At this point i don’t care really (I will change it I guess but not happy here) I’m literally so frustrated with them at this point i love playing feral but i practically cant cause of what they have done to it and now the community perception is locked on that feral is garbage so really I cant enjoy the game. I log and play and I know that I’m playing a spec that is not good that i am very likely holding the group down. I don’t think I’m a bad player. In fact i know I’m not but I also know that if I were to re-roll to a rouge I would be a way bigger help to everyone. It’s not a good feeling and they don’t seem to care that that is how people playing feral feel right now. They have done nothing to help the spec they are just leaving it to rot. Yes its better then it was at the beginning of the xpac but its still struggling and its not a numbers thing.

I don’t want to re roll I want to play this char but blizz is making it hard for me with how I and I’m sure many others feel. Maybe they just don’t care cause there are so few ferals left now.


No point in waiting to do class tuning or talent balancing as it needs to be on the PTR sooner or later. What they are doing by releasing everything else but class design is not good. Time is running out.

Lets see if the next two builds change that and actually see real class changes instead of dribbles of changes that don’t do much.

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I asked last night why we couldn’t have another Feral in the guild. The reply was “You are a good player and do well with Feral. But if you played almost anything else you’d help us more. With that in mind, any new members we get will not be allowed to be Feral and no one currently raiding will be allowed to roll to Feral. So, you are the token Feral and will be the only one until/unless Blizzard somehow buff your spec to actually be valuable.”

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The VDH changes are tiny and will only really show up in logs. Why are they afraid to make the class feel like a tank instead of a 450k hp dps?

Fixing Meta would do a lot for the class and help make the cdr essence more interesting.

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Another reason why they shifted armor and dmg dr is because magic dmg is coming back.


Does not matter, the vast majority of damage intake in both raiding and M+ is still physical, and VDH will still drop dead within seconds against anything remotely physically challenging when DS is down because their self-healing is still a joke in BFA

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they are adding more magic damage in the next raid and took away our magic mitigation in bfa, but again even with DS we are still weak.


I know this is the beginning of the PTR but honestly, this has become standard for feral nerfs. They say it’s still early in the process and then they don’t communicate till long after the patch drops if at all.

I can understand why they are doing what they are doing with druid travel forms vs mounts but it does feel like we are being penalized for a perk where other classes aren’t. Somewhere in the middle would be nice but I’m honestly not holding out for anything as I think minds have been made up already.

As to the nerf to revive, it feels like more of a slap to the face than a QoL change. I don’t know how losing more key utility on an under represented spec has anything to do with Quality.

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I really hope we see some work on the specs here in 8.2. A few wish list items I’d like to share for Warrior.


  1. Execute phase. For the love of god please make this more exciting and powerful for Arms. Arms is tuned like doodoo at the moment, but execute is still lacking even if the spec was tuned up overall. The spec gets even slower in execute due to the multitude of nerfed rage mechanics or bug fixes related to rage. You completely ignore the signature ability of Mortal Strike. You are sitting around so much with nothing to hit just waiting for auto attacks to land. This plays awfully at the moment, and it’s not even strong on top of that.

The feel and pace of pre-execute rotation I think feels pretty good. But execute desperately needs love.

  1. Sweeping Strikes - this needs a change or effect for its gcd use. I’d also like to see the uptime on this increased slighly somehow. The fact that Sweeping and Colossus Smash have misaligned cooldowns is also very annoying.

I still really dislike our Mastery design and wish the spec would go back to being focused on our abilities instead of huge amounts of damage coming from an incredibly boring DoT that has no interaction at all with anything in the spec.


Fury is a great spec. I really want to just focus on two talent rows here. The level 15 row and the level 90 row.

-Level 15: War Machine. The auto attack bonus needs to be buffed, it’s simply not competitive at all. The move speed bonus should also stack with other move effects (most notably enrage) and I think it should last longer like it did in Legion.
Fresh Meat - Just kinda boring, and weak. Also not very competitive.

-Level 90. I think we have a missed opportunity here in making both Dragon Roar and Bladestorm interact with the specs in different ways. Meat Cleaver is just bad and probably needs to be redesigned honestly. But Dragon Roar and Bladestorm should interact with the spec.

-I’m a pretty big fan of how Gathering Storm and Bladestorm interact, but you can only take advantage of the GS buff when you have the rage bonus from Recklessness. Without Reck the buff is meaningless since you can’t get an additional Rampage in the buff window. I think it would be cool to see Bladestorm increase your movement speed (blademaster fantasy) and also your rage generation. I also think this should still simply grant enrage to open up the usability of it. It would also help it play better with random lag and what have you and also in utilizing buffs around it.

Dragon Roar - Double down on the burst emphasis of this ability and I think it should interact with Enrage. For example: When used while Enraged the Roar will echo 2 seconds later for 75% damage and rage generation.

-A small note on the level 75 row. Carnage is OP, but also provides GREAT positives for gameplay in the fluidity of the spec. I think the tuning should be better, but Carnage still in the lead. I also think Frothing Berserker rage threshold should be lowered to 90. Wasting rage feels awful, and you often find your self at 90-94 rage and having to waste a lot of time and a long non enraged gcd to overcap your rage and finally hit rampage.

-Massacre is just god awful under the BfA design. I love the idea floated around of it granting free rampages again which also has a cool interaction with Sudden Death. The Ayala/Massacre gameplay was quite a lot of fun in Legion, even if it was only competitive in Emerald Nightmare.

Finally. PLEASE TAKE RALLYING CRY OFF THE GCD. It feels awful, there is no cool decision making. If it needs used, it gets used. It does nothing but cause interruption.

(Martei) #220

I mean its not even other classes we are literally worse at something that is a druid thing. Every other spec druid can do it except feral it’s quite literally is a kick in the face for feral. There is no reason that feral should not be able to do it when every other spec can. Even ignoring the global cool down stuff we have white damage that’s part of our damage and that stops when we cast this doesn’t effect guardian as its instant and balance doesn’t do white damage so it was already worse for feral to cast before this change.

If we could at least hear something from them that would be great. An explanation as to why they feel feral should be penalized like this when no other druid spec is. I want/need to know the justification for it. As of right now it feels like its we just hate this spec. Its a penalty for the sake of having a penalty and no other reason behind it as far as it goes right now


I would love to hear justification for a lot of the things they have nerfed or changed on ferals also. From what I have gathered on changes and nerfs they have made over the last expansion or two up till now are for “reasons”.


What a joke.


So where are the rest of the class changes?

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That’s a feels bad :cry:

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There are none. lol

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After 3/4 of Legion and Feral being terrible, I wasnt that unhappy with the changes they implemented at the end of that expac. Yeah, it was pretty much Thrash spam with two specific legendaries but it was better than it was during the entire beginning and middle of the expac. After the removal of the artifacts (which was HUGE for feral), they didnt really give back anything and left the class with subpar talents, damage, utility etc.

Its really sad. Even if it wasnt my “main” I liked Feral pre Legion and at the end of it. Now I play Balance on my Druid because it out performs in every possible way that my Feral does. I really feel bad for people who play the spec and are frustrated.

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Glad to see Fire is doing terrible in the new raid, just like the old one.

Can’t wait to see them nerf the new trait we get again so they can reinforce the idea that the only mage spec blizzard SOMETIMES cares about is Frost (and still not even by much)


‘’ No class changes no sub ‘’ .
I saw that comment two days ago, and I’m totally agree, for me BfA ends right here, right now… I’ll see if it’s worth it to pay in the next expansion…

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They’re taking away brez in cat form from feral druids? The leather dps with almost zero utility compared to its competition and can’t get into any relevant m+ because of it, they’re nerfing its utility?

Imagine if they actually tried justifying it, I would love to hear that.