Rise of Azshara PTR - Initial Class Changes

(Nuisense) #186

Which will effectively make it go from a 3ish second cast to a 5ish second cast, plus about 10ish seconds from start to finish to return to dps. You won’t find a Feral on the planet who is willing to do that regularly. Bring your own BRes.


Imagine if you left around 8.1…I’m not coming back to suffer through 30+ heart levels just to get to the baseline fix for HoA

What a joke of patch/game/company…

(Nuisense) #188

Nah, the AK levels have reached a point where if you sneeze twice for AP you are at 40.


Yeah returning players will be turned off by more AP even with the reductions. It feels bad for current and returning players.

(Martei) #193

uh guardian can do it in form where would you want to rez someone on the tank or in the melee who are behind whats getting tanked


I dunno about everyone else but I have keybound my brez in feral form, so it shouldn’t add any issue other than having to waste 1 GCD on shifting back into cat form afterwards… really not that huge of a change imo, that’s from a a feral main

(Nuisense) #195

Neither place is safe. Neither place is good for a BRes. Which you know.

(Nuisense) #196

It’s a GCD for the ability you were using, a GCD for the shift out, a 1.something second cast of BRes, a GCD for that BRes, a GCD to shift back in and pick up dps. 10ish seconds. After you have taken the time to find a (hopefully) safe spot to do said BRes and whatever time it takes to get back on boss. Which could add more.


I get what you’re saying, however casting an ability that’s unable to be used in form cancels form by default without using a GCD.

So it’s only one GCD for the shift back into form, also the 1 second cast negates the need for the second GCD, before we can shift back into form.

So we only miss out on 1 GCD before we can hit a damaging ability after getting back into form and continuing the fight. Unlike in bear form there’s no armour/survivability bonus we would be missing on by shifting out of form and it won’t affect our mobility as it is a cast anyhow.

While I agree it is an annoying change (and personally think it feels like an oversight/typo on the part of the devs) if it does come to fruition, I don’t think we ferals will be too adversely affected.

(Nuisense) #198

I run an addon that does not allow shifting out of forms for any reason unless I TELL it I want to shift out of form. Eliminates accidents. But I guess most don’t. So there’s that.

As for the rest, I think it will affect you more than you think. Feral will move further down the list of desirable. Assuming nothing is put in to make up for this new loss to utility that other specs, now even within our own class, will have. Is it a huge loss? No. But it’s there and it weighs.

It’s early days yet, and we’ll see just what arrives on the PTR tomorrow. Here’s hoping.


It seems the devs want to the game die, they had a lot of time since 8.1, to work out on classes, and they just tell us the same in every Q&A ‘’ there’s no enough time ‘’. So… I wonder, what the heck the devs have been doing ? what the heck they are waiting for solve the classes issues ? This is not a problem that started yesterday, this started at begin of BfA and the only reason the players have been waiting this patch even those players that keep playing nowadays is for chance of a class changes.

It’s incredible how classes like mages have not had a changes in all of this expansion. As game director, if Ion can’t be responsible for this situation, then I think he should leave and grant the baton to someone who can make real decisions.

(Brujanna) #201

Oh dude, this change will be in no one’s mind when it comes to deciding whether to take a Feral Druid. The box labeled Has Brez? will still be checked. There is simply nothing that your spec adds that many other specs don’t do better, and a lot of things moonkin does better than other specs.

(Kabbie) #202
  • looks at the post, sees no mention of MM hunters *

Almost mad, wished I cared enough to complain. What was that saying about the straw that broke the camel’s back - or was it the post that broke any enthusiasm I have about this expansion?

(Rayen) #203

Feral Main responding here. it’s a slap in the face. Bear can do it in form. We could do it in form with a cast time. This is an inconvenience we shouldn’t have to deal with. Having a cast on top of not being allowed to do it in form is a bad design change.

If there is another Bres in the group (which is a given in Mythic) and this change goes live I will always ignore a res call unless I am the only one who can res because of this change. I am not going to be the only Feral who follows this mentality others will follow suit.

Feral needs MORE utility in raids not less and they are removing utility from us with this change.

(Kabbie) #204

But hey, good news! If you want stealth, leather, combo points, damage, and actual utility, the rogue class is waiting for you! And if you want to play one in BFA right away, for he low, low price of just $60, Blizzard can boost one up to 110 right now!

Isn’t that wonderful? /s

(Ravatin) #205

Another problem you may not have seen with VDH is even with DS we are not that strong. If you are going to be running any higher keys you will still be kiting a lot. With bosses hitting you harder than other tanks still, while have less to recover with.

(Nuisense) #206

No argument about this changing how desired Ferals will be compared to currently if something doesn’t change. Which is not at all. But it will still weigh, when you make your choice of WHICH BRes. Even if you WANT to take a Feral for some reason after 8.2, if Feral has to take a few extra seconds to get BRes done, plus lose a good bit of dps to do it, AND it will drop you in the mess and chaos that is melee, that will all matter in the final decision.

(Plantains) #207

I could not agree more. Hopefully they implement these changes next week.


Blizzard: “Hey BM hunters we found a bug that was causing you to do less damage”
BM Hunters: “YAY!”
Blizzard: We fixed the bug so it should work now.
BM Hunters: “YAAAAAAY!”
Blizzrd but we added a nerf that negates us fixing the bug in the first place.
BM hunters: “AWWWW”… Swaps back to MM

(Martei) #209

Its hilarious you have gained mastery of your form and can now remove curses an poison but to gain this mastery you first had to forget something you could already do. actually wait Feral hasn’t gained mastery of its form stupid ferals haven’t quite gained the mastery of there form gg blizz, So want to hear there ridiculous reason why feral is the only one that cant do it in form but every other spec can. explain the reasoning behind that ah ferals just forgot how but guardians didn’t nor did balance druids. I mean theres no way they can explain why guardian can and feral suddenly can’t probably the reason they are just ignoring it.