Rise of Azshara PTR Development Notes – May 29

(Kaivax) #1

A new build with new testable content has been published to the Public Test Realms (PTR) for our upcoming content update, Rise of Azshara. This build retains progress made since test characters were deleted on May 14.

Now Available

Over the next few days, we’ll initiate testing of:

  • Season 3 content, including:
    • Mythic Keystone Dungeon updates
    • The new Heroic Battle for Stromgarde Warfront
  • Ashran
  • Flying

We’ll let you know in new, separate threads here in this forum as each test gets underway.

Continuing Testing

  • Heart of Azeroth system update—Essences
    • Test characters are now granted access to all Rank 3 Essences within the class Proving Grounds. Players can access the Proving Grounds by speaking to their respective class trainer in a capital city.
    • Please submit your feedback on Essences in the appropriate thread here.
  • New Zone-- Mechagon
  • New Zone-- Nazjatar
  • New Raid-- Azshara’s Eternal Palace
  • New Dungeon-- Operation: Mechagon
  • New Arena-- The Robodrome
  • Mount Equipment
  • Crestfall and Snowblossom Island Expeditions
  • Ashran Epic Battleground
  • New Missions
  • Gnome and Tauren Heritage Armors
  • New Profession Recipes
  • Pet Battle Dungeon-- Stratholme

Please keep an eye on this forum for dedicated feedback threads on these testable features, such as Feedback—Operation: Mechagon and Feedback—Nazjatar.

Get into the PTR!

The PTR is now available. To log in to the PTR, simply create a PTR account and copy the character you wish to test from your account. Step-by-step directions can be found here.

Note: World of Warcraft PTR realms are only available to players who have a full World of Warcraft account.

(Kaivax) pinned #2


Oh good… and bad.

Bad because with nothing left under a Coming Soon heading, the calls for a release date are going to multiply faster than Bébé’s Kids.

Good so I can start to see a light at the end of the Artifact Power going to waste in everything I do tunnel of despair and boredom that is having a capped Heart of Azeroth.

Will you be unlocking flying for testing purposes, or expect PTR players to gain it themselves?


Would be nice to have a dummy to test essences on instead of Proving grounds mobs that die in a second.

It would also be nice to test them in dungeons but you decided to remove the vendor… Is it really that hard to test obtaining essences internally? Whats the point of testing season 3 keystones without essences which are going to be a huge part of them?


is there anyway we could purchase essences again? some being tied to weekly boxes limits environments we will be able to test them in. especially with mythic + S3 being tested soon


fix professions recipes blizzard!


Are we looking at any further class passes or are you about done? Frost DK talents could use a look, maybe some reorganizing / buffing as not everyone wants to be stuck playing Breath of Sindragosa.

(Vareesa) #8

Whenever the new mythic plus affix is available, can you please spawn us with a key from our box instead of having to go run a mythic 0 first?


I actually really enjoy the new essence change to Vision of Perfection for Guardian Druids. It provides hope, in my opinion, for becoming a more viable spec, at least in Mythic Plus and even Raids. Albeit being RNG, its still better than nothing.
Although, the proc rate seems a little wonky. It either procs a lot in a short amount of time, or none in a long period of time. I just wish it was a little more consistent. Overall, great change, please keep this one in!!!


Still no Couatl. :disappointed_relieved:


Now available: Over the next few days… any particular day?


Ashran?!? Why


put back the 2 hand weapon in the dk frost BLIZZAR -_-


I wanted to see these side Bicornes implemented as cosmetic appearances since they were first datamined as far back as March. They aren’t Sold at the Dubloon Vendor, they aren’t Drops from Island Expeditions, they aren’t Zone or Dungeon Drops from Freehold, and you missed Pirates’ Day in 2018, in favor of pushing the Dreadwake Store Mount. I’ve checked the PTR, and they do not appear in any of the appearance slots for Plate, Mail, Leather, and Cloth. I’ve submitted a suggestion ticket for it, and have gone as far as to Ask Ion Himself on Twitter. What possible opprotunity are you waiting for to implement this cosmetic gear, more importantly, these hats, into the game, as items that player characters can acquire and use for their transmogs?