Rise of Azshara PTR Development Notes – May 22

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A new build with new testable content has been published to the Public Test Realms (PTR) for our upcoming content update, Rise of Azshara. This build retains progress made since test characters were deleted on May 14.

Now Available

  • Test characters are now granted access to all Rank 3 Essences within the class Proving Grounds. Players can access the Proving Grounds by speaking to their respective class trainer in a capital city.

Continuing Testing

  • Heart of Azeroth system update-- Essences
  • New Zone-- Mechagon
  • New Zone-- Nazjatar
  • New Raid-- Azshara’s Eternal Palace
  • New Dungeon-- Operation: Mechagon
  • New Arena-- The Robodrome
  • Mount Equipment
  • Crestfall and Snowblossom Island Expeditions
  • Ashran Epic Battleground
  • New Missions
  • Gnome and Tauren Heritage Armors
  • New Profession Recipes
  • Pet Battle Dungeon-- Stratholme

Coming Soon

  • Heroic Battle for Stromgarde Warfront
  • Mythic Keystone Dungeon Updates

Please keep an eye on this forum for dedicated feedback threads on these testable features, such as Feedback—Operation: Mechagon and Feedback—Nazjatar.

Get into the PTR!

The PTR is now available. To log in to the PTR, simply create a PTR account and copy the character you wish to test from your account. Step-by-step directions can be found here.

Note: World of Warcraft PTR realms are only available to players who have a full World of Warcraft account.

Essences Feedback - Multiple Role Essences
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Azerite traits currently cannot be tested in the Proving Grounds, as there is no rested area.

Essences + Proving Grounds

Are the Proving Grounds strictly for testing purposes, or are they coming back in 8.2?

(Vareesa) #5

As posted above, can’t actually change any of the essences in the proving grounds because its not a rested area.


Classic beta please!


Will we be seeing Rank 4 for the Essences soon? I’ve been eager to see what the cosmetic upgrades look like.


I sure hope they aren’t coming back and to gate essences behind them seems really counterproductive since the lesser skilled players would probably have more need for these.

Last time there was a proving grounds ONE character did it and the rest of my characters just did not do dungeons or any content that needed dungeons. This will be a repeat of that because I am not running 20 120s through a proving grounds.


Where did you get the idea they’re gating essences? I figure the PG gives players a chance to test out the essence effects without worrying about external factors you’d otherwise experience in the outdoor environment.

The fact that essences are tied to content, and the ranks to varying difficulties of that content, is enough to make sure not everyone is using all R3 essences right away.


That is sort of bizarre in itself if that is what they are doing since those proving grounds as they were in WoD didn’t really operate like anything in real content.

And what you said made me think they were gating them - why else would you ask about proving grounds since they have been part of the game since WoD.


The concept could be brought back, not necessarily the MoP setting of them. That’s why I asked – also because we haven’t heard anything concerning PG so far for 8.2.

Upon further thought myself, I figured they were just to test out essences in a controlled environment.


Proving grounds has been pretty much a permanent feature of the game, maybe they just don’t want some essences to make those a joke to get endless achievement on like some of the legion artifacts and legendaries did.

(Reese) #15

Thank you for this!!! :smile: Is there any chance to make it a rested area out of combat? :slight_smile:

(Kaivax) #16

We applied a hotfix to the PTR a few minutes ago that should allow you to change talents and Essences in the Proving Grounds.

Additionally, Tome of the Quiet Mind & Codex of the Quiet Mind should let you swap Essences around.


Great change. Any chance we can also get a Training Dummy or eight?


Please give us a training dummy. Its impossible to really tell how effective these essences are without a training dummy.


Also unlock 1st minor slot for us. Can’t unlock it ourselves because outside of the Proving Grounds the Heart is no longer 55, but we need 55 to unlock it. Testing only the major slot, 1 essence at a time, seems futile. I’m certain you don’t have enough data yet on how all the essences synergize with each other and every class / spec.


Not to mention most of these mobs have very little health when you take into account that proving grounds sets item level to 420.


This. Or let us keep them so we can go test on training dummies elsewhere. I’ve beem out of town so I haven’t had a chance to play around with the new essences as much as I would have liked. When i did get a chance Vision of Perfection was easily a 5k increase to my dps so I was hoping to see how this, and other essences have changed. Can’t really do do that in the proving grounds.

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