Rise of Azshara PTR Development Notes – April 16


Is there going to be a system that maxes out our necks to test the new system? Not everyone will have their neck at 50 and it would make actually testing stuff easier.
Edit: spoke before I even explored. Woops


I see you found the answer but yes, you can learn the essences and start testing right away.

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No class changes no sub.

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Nice job Viin :stuck_out_tongue:

There wasn’t any popup when I logged on so anyone wondering where to go to test the new essences just pop into the Chamber of Heart in Silithus to start the quest line and view the available essences in the HOA panel .


I believe most of these are active on the PTR and if they aren’t yet they will be soon. Cheers!

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Hey Bornakk!

Appreciate you responding. The person you’re responding to probably doesn’t want a productive discussion, but many of us do. I’m interested to see the remaining changes that y’all have planned. So far for hunters, I’m just looking at the one change for barbed shot. Frankly, most of us are perplexed that Marksmanship has stayed as far behind in PvP as it has thus far in the expansion. Can you please take a look at the threads we have compiled on the topic?

This one is the continuation of the alpha/beta/8.0/8.1 thread…

This one is one that I made specifically in regards to the PvP issues that the spec has.

Generally speaking, the matrix of control/mobility/non-damage utility that the spec has feels way-underwhelming for how it’s designed now. We had a lot more mobility and CC last expansion, and our damage kit was way less “plant and cast” oriented than it is now. Many passive and active defensive abilities were also removed (via reduced number of talents, losing stuff like cheetah dodge, and catlike reflexes), and now the spec is really in a poor state. Compare it to something like mage that is just as “squishy”, but somehow able to last much longer due to the presence of better mobility, multiple CC dr’s, and stuff like temporal shield/cauterize on top of it’s main defensive.


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As much as I appreciate some slight tank tuning, there are tons of things that people are looking for in terms of actual changes. Including Talent adjustments, missing abilities, and poor azerite balance.



Hi Bornakk,

Thanks for the link. I know you aren’t a developer but I feel the need to point out that these changes are very superficial.

That’s well and fine, but there are a lot of specs that suffer from varied mechanical issues that cause them to severely underperform in various aspects of the current game (PVP, Mythic+, etc.). Now I know I don’t speak for everyone, but I will say that a lot of specs felt good to me in Legion. Affliction Warlock in particular was not perfect but it feels like the spec plays worse now than it did. I know I am not alone.

Many of us have been wondering why our feedback on the items and classes forum has, for all intents and purposes, largely not been acknowledged. Perhaps it has been read, but we just keep getting told “no mechanical changes” every Q&A or upcoming patches, as if specs are in a good spot. Well sorry, but some of them aren’t and are in dire need of updates.

Mostly what I’m curious about is why these issues aren’t being addressed like they were in Legion. It feels like things are being put on the back burner.

Anyway, I don’t know if you’ll read this, but thanks either way. I’m sure with the PTR going up you are pretty busy.


Sadly, Dragons, Tauren, and Druids all remain in the “cannot be tamed” category. Wasn’t this “cannot be tamed” bug suppose to be removed for BM hunters?? I can’t think of any more Exotic pet to tame. :slight_smile:


These minimal(at best) changes to nerf a couple of over-performing specs and a VERY TINY buff to 2 tank specs does not address actual concerns players have. Making an asinine post like “most of these are there” means nothing when they are, pretty much, non-existent changes(oh boy passive damage reduction on DH and a small rage change for Guardian who has no offensive cooldown).

There are several under-performing specs that really deserve to be brought up to at least be on par with other mid tier specs…to name a few off the top of my head Frost and Fire Mage, Enhancement Shaman, and Arms Warrior. Another huge issue is that almost every spec in the game is boring and lacks identity. Every class feels like they’re just missing something, in some cases more than just one something. It’s just not enjoyable at the moment and it’s pushing me to the point where I’m almost ready to unsub.

People have been productive for over a year between beta, live, and a few ptr’s now. So either you’re not doing your job by gathering the accurate data or the developers aren’t doing their job by ignoring the feedback.


If you’re looking for anything more substantial than number tuning, you’re going to be disappointed. They’ve already stated multiple times that substantial changes to class design/skills happen between expansions, not content updates. Just sayin, don’t expect more than they are planning to give on a content update.

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I got the heart forge achievement and now nothing. On my map I can see a quest to pick up Colderra but no npc is in the chamber to give it. I don’t know how to further test.


Go out into Mechagon, or anywhere, and put the essences to use. The vendor is in the heart chamber, the big tauren. Buy all of them, start using them and testing the abilities.


how do I get to mechagon?


As Alliance I have no clue. I know you need to find Tinkermaster Overspark but I don’t know where he’d be in Boralus. The Horde equivalent is found near the flightmaster outside the Great Seal in Dazar’alor – if Boralus has an equivalent, I’d start there.


do u know if there is an underlying questline I need to do first


Shouldn’t be. Usually any breadcrumb quests are waived for PTR purposes.


on that note do we know if the boost to lvl 55 necklace is a “breadcrumb” quest so we can try out the new traits or will we have to grind out az to lvl 55? I don’t want to tell my guildies bad information.


the bump to 55 should happen when you’re in the chamber for the first time. For me personally it happened as soon as I first spoke to Magni; I’ve heard others randomly got the free bump at different times inside the chamber; some even outside the chamber. It’s definitely a free bump on PTR for testing purposes.

When this goes live, we’ll have to level our necks as we’ve done all along. The major slot will be given to us automatically, it only requires 35 and anyone who doesn’t have 35 will be automatically made 35 at that time (according to Kaivax).

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