Rise of Azshara Features Trailer

(Motors) #14

Because as a Zandalari Troll you should care about…the Zandalari Trolls storyline?

Is that not self evident?

(Dremin) #15

No, because I haven’t maxed a Horde this xpac yet. Doesn’t surprise me though. Goes along with the rest of the Saturday morning cartoon story of BFA.


(Motors) #17

Yes, i read the sentence, it is still contains much irony regardless of if it was ANYMORE or otherwise.


Not at all.


Azshara gives me chills.


Her voice actor is absolutely fantastic.

(Metrohaha) #21

Best patch trailer ever, imo.

(Nozfuratu) #22

Talanji is a poorly written, annoying character.

(Brutalistica) #23

Chills? More like a delightful platter to devour for me.

(Nightshine) #24

Finally this expansion can actually begin. Azshara’s emergence should have been the launch instead of the last year of azerite macguffins and forced faction wars. The factions should have been merged after Legion. Oh well. Looks like it might be cool but too little too late I’m playing other games now; maybe will check it out 8.2 when Classic launches later this year.


Do we have a mini-hype train going? I am glad to see some people are excited! I am as well.

(Nozfuratu) #26

It’s also worth noting the rating on the youtube video in that it’s positive which is completely contrary to what we were told by GD that a team of “trolls” were spam voting all blizzard videos to have bad ratings.

(Brutalistica) #27

While I may not like what has happened to WoW. I’m still loyal to the franchise, but I like to see improvements in every aspects including character customization and reworks on certain race’s racial.


I know this is out of the blue, but…

Metro, I know we have our differences, but everything is pretty damn great rn and I just wanna say that

  1. I agree that this is lowkey one of the best patch trailers ever
  2. WoW is on the uppidy up!

Love ya bud


Can’t help but notice they are not parading that awesome nerf…err i mean feature mount equipment. Its like they know players don’t like it but will do it anyways.


I love the lore, the settings, the characters, and well, Azeroth. People get so bent out of shape because this is such a special game. There will never be another like it.

(Motors) #31

I never said Talanji in any post, not sure where you are getting that from, but ok?

(Brutalistica) #32

People got bent out of shape when the developers didn’t do justice for the game and it’s been suffering since Wotlk. The big wake up call was Cataclysm, but still fallen on deaf ears. They’ve taken out so much rpg elements that many went to other games. Now they have to become top again to compete with the top 3 games.

(Hamstar) #33

Next Tuesday is closer then I would have expected.