Rise of Azshara Features Trailer


You have to admit, this is pretty cool, even if we ain’t a fan of some of the stuff in here.

EDIT: I’m personally really excited to see how 8.2 pans out!


Looks great. Elves and Trolls should be particularly happy to finally face this woman and get some revenge for the atrocities she committed against all of them. She crushed the Zandalari Empire and almost doomed the entire elven race to become either slaves of the Legion or fuel for its soul engines.


Meh. I just don’t care about the Zandalari storyline anymore. It seems Blizz forgot about Vol’jin and I really don’t care about Talanji.


It was always obvious that this expansion was going to be about old gods. If you played Mists, you already know this pattern. It starts with faction conflict and ends with a world ending threat that halts the conflict temporarily.


Yeah, but the thing is that the Pandaren were present throughout it all. Mists was barely an Old God expansion.

In BFA, the Zandalari end on a cliff hanger after their best character is killed off.


Guess I’m just tired of this expansion, found it to be a cool video, but not really excited about any of the BFA stuff anymore.


I mostly agree. I do wanna try out the new raid tho, because some of the mechanics look pretty fun.


Thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:


Nothing about Vol’jin, nothing interesting.

Well, what can you expect, the whole war has been hamfisted so hard, all Horde leaders act like MoP and Legion never happened in first place.

(Motors) #10

Coming from a Zandalari Troll…there is much irony in this.

(Dremin) #11

Vol’jin’s dead. What do you want Blizz to do with him?



Oh I don’t know, continue his storyline from BFA? He’s alive you know.

(Eyrinjia) #13

Could it be that the mere features trailer for a patch doesn’t actually include every little twist and turn and plot development for the rest of the expansion?

(Motors) #14

Because as a Zandalari Troll you should care about…the Zandalari Trolls storyline?

Is that not self evident?

(Dremin) #15

No, because I haven’t maxed a Horde this xpac yet. Doesn’t surprise me though. Goes along with the rest of the Saturday morning cartoon story of BFA.


(Motors) #17

Yes, i read the sentence, it is still contains much irony regardless of if it was ANYMORE or otherwise.


Not at all.


Azshara gives me chills.


Her voice actor is absolutely fantastic.