Riptide vs mana tide

What are people preferring for m+ as their legendary, the riptide or the mana tide one? Does the riptide pull ahead in m+ when youre with maldraxxus?

Why would you ever use the manatide one in m+?

Because it’s another burst healing cd. Primal tidecore is always best for raiding, you would only use the manatide one in M+ (and maybe pvp? Idk). Still think tidecore is better, but just saying.

No nobody in their right mind would use manatide in pvp and nobody who actually pushes keys uses manatide in m+ either. Shamans have no issue with burst healing, that would be a completely redundant legendary.

Idk why you’re being so aggressive about this. Spiritwalker’s is a fine option. Primal tidecore is better, but you’re acting like it’s trolling to use anything else.

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There’s nothing you can do with tidal spiritwalkers that you can’t do with just your normal cooldowns. And now you just got a legendary that is inactive for 95% of the time if u use off cooldown.

Primal tide core is on another level. Especially if you’re Necrolord.

Primal tidalcore is passive extra healing… but you don’t really control when you get and it will largely just be healing meter padding in m+.

Spiritwalkers gives you an extra on demand cool down that you can use alone or in conjunction with another cd for healing when you actually need it. M+ damage is bursty and surviving those bursts is what matters. Spiritwalkers is the better legendary for m+ hands down.

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Is it 50% reduced cast time on only a single HW an CH or is it on multiple casts for a set time duration?

If it’s only on a single cast then it doesn’t seem that great to me.

For me I’m going with primal tide core but to each his own.

Careful now, the angry level 45 shaman is going to tell you why you’re wrong.


Thanks for info, i went with spiritwalkers, so we’ll see how that goes for the time being. I feel like it’ll do better with spike damage from non organized pugs

10 seconds. As many as you cast.

Oh, that’s actually pretty good then.

I guess I have to decide if I another CD for burst healing or more overall blanket healing.

I got till next week to decide, don’t have enough soul ash for my first leggo yet.

I like both, and they have their uses.

PTC is the more all-purpose one. I only got the mana tide one to use on m+ that are 10s or higher. To line it up with prideful.

I crafted Tidal Totem first since I don’t really raid heal. It’s nice to have an additional burst cooldown to rotate with ascendance, healing tide and spirit link.

Y’all sleepin on earth shield leggo

I’ve always been curious about this one. Does it increase healing done to the target or is it just a small burst of healing?

Chains of devastation literally accomplishes the same purpose and adds more dps and you can use it whenever you want. But congrats on going the inferior route on a 3 min cd.

It does not. Not even remotely. It does not give you an on demand 50% haste buff and 25% mana reduction.

I don’t even use spiritwalker’s. But there is someone in this thread who does, and he’s cleared multiple 15s. Guessing he’s a much better player than yourself.

It doesn’t give you a 50% haste buff it reduces the cast time of 2 spells. Chains reduces the cast time of the only spell between those 2 that you would be spamming anyways. Therefore same purpose fullfiled genius. And there’s resto’s that cleared 20+ with earthshield or tidalcore so whats your point?