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You know, people keep saying that but no one seems to be able to point to one needed to engage in the content: raids, dungeons, and pvp. Which grind in Vanilla did I need to do in order to jump into content?

Also, keep in mind the term “grind” is being thrown around in this thread pretty loosely, I believe the major component is the “systems” such as covenants, Torghast, Legendaries, etc.

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WOW will always be a seasonal game , they can’t release a new expansion every 5 months zzzzzz

They can’t release a patch every 5 months either it seems!


Why would you think they would ban or remove his MVP tag OP?

Wow is a dinosaur with fossils left playing it

The now 40 year olds who played 20 years ago are no longer the majority in the gaming world. It’s a new generation of younger gamers with different priorities in video games

It’s a council tag, not an MVP tag and they wouldn’t, OP is weird lol.

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Oh yeah, council, not MVP.

It wasn’t a seasonal game back in Burning Crusade, but that’s because it didn’t have catch-up gear.

You quit, you fell behind.

Nor were there easy-mode versions of the bosses. You wanted to fight Illidan, you actually had to fight Illidan. Not a dumbed-down version with most mechanics stripped away.

Blizzard can go back to the way they used to do things, but that means stripping out catch-up gear and easy-mode versions of dungeons and raids.

The question remains. How can you extend content without timegating.

You’re in the spotlight if you’re a mvp or cc member.

I thought that callout threads were against the rules.

Ok so today i want to start TBC Classic from lvl 1 with no boosts and Try Black Temple , how much time do i have to invest for catching up people and have a place into the raid ?

I feel like they did a I job in MoP with minor attunement. With the easier modes, attunement can realistically be completed by everyone that wants to participate. I just don’t think we’re that community anymore in favor of lobby based systems.

As more and more grinds become the content over actual numbers of players diminish and that number of players x$15 per month drops and so does the number of players a $15 for 4 months.

It will eventually get to the point were everyone is going to start going is it worth it .?

All my friends have quit , my server is dead , I have to grind all of this before I can even play what I like in the game.

Grinds are fine when it is for an intrinsic reward but what we are getting are extrinsic grinds that push a behavior of if we don’t we will feel like we will fall behind because our characters are not as powerful like they used to be and the reward for grinding is to get back up to the power level minus the gear ilvl we were by the end of the previous expansion .

Grinding is fine if it is for something you want to get be it a vanity item or even an achievement . Grinding for a good chunk of your non gear passive player powers just so you can do content in what ever the latest xpac is , is not a good grind.

I mean if you are starting from level 1, your biggest hurdle is leveling lol.

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Yes, people have reached this point in the last few expansions. Not a good thing.


For the gear too , it look horrible , because the best gear is in the raid = time-gated

How much weekly Raids , do i have to do , to catch up the gear and have a decent char so people pick me up for the main raid

I have no issue with time gating.

That all depends. Back when we did it, for new people, we would just funnel all the gear to them so it only took a couple weeks.

I didn’t mind the rep grind in TBC for preraid bis gear, but that reputation wasn’t just tied to those few pieces. Reputation had enchants and heroic dungeon keys to unlock that also made it have value. Reputation gain today is just tied to the open world vs dungeons/raids as well, which I starkly dislike.

Idk why they refuse to utilize tabards for reputation gain anymore.

Overall blizzard needs to tone down their barriers to entry. The problem that doesn’t seem to shine through to people who don’t actually play the game well, is that the full potential of your class is not available without various borrowed powers as of legion. They simply do not design your class as complete through leveling like it was before, you hit level cap and there are various mechanics that are missing.

Legendaries take the design space of another talent row. The entire covenant system provides various passives that amplify your core mechanics alongside providing an extra button to work around. Interacting with the world without all of this creates a worse experience overall especially if you are playing in difficult content, difficult being subjective. It also makes it harder to learn the game since you can’t actually learn your correct rotation until like 10-15 hours of focused content hunting after hitting 60. Its incredibly backwards game design.

Like here’s an anecdote from me who plays this game to try out fun unique builds that exist patch by patch that likely will live and die in that patch or expansion. I do most of my character testing on the ptr where I can actually try out a completed class without weeks of assembling McGuffins only to run the risk of finding that I don’t even like this build, upon figuring out what actually plays well I then wait a month or more for the ptr to come out and grind out the powers that I at this point know are worth grinding while despising the grind. Its ridiculous how annoying it is to simply try things out in the current game, and its a big reason why I would never tell my friends to come back to the current game.