RIP Thrall (server)

chat is good…

ms’s are good. character is not casting.

Sorry, but what? Are you having an issue with something? You’ll want to be more specific, especially than a thread title like “RIP Thrall (server)” if you’re having issue with casting.

What is you ping showing? Have you tried a UI reset?

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Have you tried posting in Technical Support with more useful information?


Thrall seems to be working as expected for me. You’ll need to be more specific if you’re still having issues.


my bf and I were playing in Vuldun and He is on trollbane and I am on malfurion, (combo realms) and we couldnt cast spells, turn in quests, release spirit, hearth. mounting wasn’t effected or movement. it started suddenly for both of us and others in chat were having similar issues.

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