Rip Soothing Darkness

Let’s make separate thread “Petition to Grimoire’s Husband what he should type in on ‘Submit Feedback’ feature in DF alpha” ;D
I would start with Hemo xD


Ask your Husband if Gloomblade is affected by the 15% crit from Improved Backstab and if its also affected by weaponmaster. Cause technically it should and maybe they just use the old typo sinse it wasn’t possible to get both before

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Blizzard, don’t remove Soothing Darkness from the Subtlety tree in Dragonflight!


They should add Soothing darkness to the class tree you mean. Everyone get Soothing darkness


It’s kind of too late my friend they already did whether or not they bring it back has yet to be seen

Recuperate is better, vial helps a good bit and leeching poison being available is also solid. 10% of all damage we deal will be returned as healing not including heath stones /potions/ other effects through enchants /or if we pick up iron stomach.

SD is situational and if we had that on top of everything else it would be too risky as they would compensate by taking away damage for “balance”. We aren’t supposed to heal a lot anyway.

Our focus should be kicking in teeth and getting outta there.

All buffs to backstab do effect gloomblade as it replaces it. There are a lot of diff builds we can potentially do and it depends on what / how you want to approach situations. Backstab seriously needs to hit harder and now there are a good mix of talents to enhance how you want to buff your toolkit which is freaking great.

These trees were a much needed thing to happen and I’m very happy everyone is getting some love. I cannot wait for prepatch to come soon.

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Recuperate is not better. 1% healing every 2 seconds is quite literally half its current effect. And its current effect is barely useful.

Crimson vial heals 20% every 30 seconds. Better than recuperate. Good for on demand heals. But doesnt provide sustenance.

Leeching poison depends on your to do damage in order to gain benefit. I dunno about you but if im taking damage i feel will kill me im already running away.

You clearly dont undeestand the issue at hand. Soothing darkness is not at all situational. Its first and foremost Subs only out of combat healing and during combat, subs main source of healing. It may as well be included in the class since every spec has access to shadow dance through it as well.

Literally what is there to compensate for? Rogues are already the squishiest class. A lack of self healing is a big part of that.

Good luck doing that in any endgame content. Even in pvp you dont have the ability to wait 100 seconds to get yourself from 20% HP to full. Outlaw and assassination are literally never played without a healer because of the lack of self heals (current assassination 1 shot build being an outlier).


Pump the brakes hot rod.

Instead of looking at numbers which people are obsessed with all the time, with everything, recuperate can be changed and vial might be upgraded.

If not whoopty do, we deal with what we’ve got. We don’t heal historically and they could have taken away all healing.

Regardless we have different ways to get SOME healing which is better than nothing at all.

SD was only in stealth / dance and we were out if the fight regardless. They are moving away from that as you can see.

In pvp SD was 1% anyway and anyone who can’t tag you goes for your team mate to force you to come out.

We aren’t and historically haven’t been built to heal. We kick in teeth and get out. So it is better this way for us.


Really wish we got to spec into soothing darkness instead of cheat death when going to grab shadow dance


Yeah but these 3 are Combat healing while Soothing mist is a Out of combat regeneration similar to all other class have. Except it can become a combat heal under certain condition (Shadow Dance).

So in my opinion its not the same. Not every rogue will pick Shadow Dance while they might all want Soothing as passive healing over Recuperate for out of combat heal and spamming Vial.

I dont think one should be discarded over the other. Also giving the option for non-sub rogue to gain healing Via Shadow Dance might create some new gameplay that player would enjoy. Dont forget Recuperate is half the value we have now in SL


Personally, I’m not a big fan of SD but I’m a PvPer. It makes for some really degen games. At least a lot more degen than we already make them :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

UPDATE: A version of SD has been returned. All specs get it

Yeah I saw I am happy but that new version kinda miss the mark I think. It only work with Vanish or Shadow danse. The reason it was good was the heal from stealth after a fight too. Which you dont get now.

They gave combat heal to rogue. But rogue still dont have out of combat ones. Which was kinda the point of Soothing Darkness

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I actually prefer the new version over the old. I am curious how nerfed it will be in pvp since the old soothing was also nerfed.

They should of kept the regen during stealth tough. Like 30% over 6sec after Vanish and SD and 2%hp sec during stealth

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The new SD I’ll be honest I like it. But knowing it’s new form, it means sub will be that much harder to kill if they go with 2 vanishes, and we know they all will

I know it wont be my case but I wasnt planning to pick 2 Shadow Danse either. Im a little weirdo but whatever ^^

If shadow dust is also in game still, 100% having 2 vanishes. the CDR on top of everything it gives would be nutty for arenas.

No, you’re not. I’m tired of spamming Shadow Dance too, and of mechanics focused mainly around it.
I want to spam nice combo builder with one-handed weapon in main hand like 'til WoD and deliver fat Evis, or activate other combo spenders quicker or more powerful than the two other specs.
Shadow Dance is nice but I would use it as some dmg burst-accelerator for a few seconds rather than almost instant dancing.
And return of some old bleeds bonuses besides shadow dmg would be nice.

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It would be nice if Backstab didnt deplete ALL energy after like 2 hits while dealing mediocre damage. Could easily be changed to deal more damage and cost less energy. Unless that happens then i cant see us ever having more sustained damage output without shadow dance