RIP Resto Druids

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rejoice you might still get your free rival!


I’ll be honest, I have very mixed feeling about Rdruids. I will pvp and be disgusted about how much healing I can do, and then come to the forums and see people whine and be disgusted and annoyed, i’m confused…help.


Did the 10% nerf actually go live though?

Are your heals 10% lower?


It sure did happen today and no I don’t notice it, again I was doing a bg and I don’t think this is intended to be that big of a deal in crap pvp like bgs. People pushing rating may feel it more however, but probably not. :joy:


The 10% was definitely a huge hit, just qued some games on druid and they feel weak.


Just wondering because some players (not me) know the exact values for their abilities, e.g. my non-crit regrowths heal for 100k and now they only heal for 90k. So, they’d notice the nerf and figure out its percentage.

I asked in case Blizzard tweaked the numbers a bit more:

Or they accidentally didn’t include the nerf in today’s hotfixes, but they thought they did.


To be honest I don’t pay that much attention to that. The basis of my conclusion is the fact that I was still able to keep everyone alive, easily, with being focused the entire game by several people at once and I still don’t feel punished if I mess up. We are still in a great spot, and are arguably still the best healer in pvp.


Where are these changes posted? Not seeing them in the hotfix section. (edit): Lol NVM just saw someone above me posted it.


Im not trying to be rude here but are you trolling? You did a random bg and didnt notice anything so their fine? That is so irrelevant i feel like ur actually on the blizzars dev team.


Would like to see soul nerfed to make way for more builds that feel Resto Druidy to me. Like cen ward + cult.
Overgrowth switmend regrowth is a meme at this point.


feral affinity.

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Imagine thinking rdruid is trash now lul

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RDrus could use another 10% and HPala could use a 20%.


Feral affinity isn’t the issue, master shapeshifter is. It gives a 25% dmg increase to feral affinity making it very strong.


10% healing nerf and ur sad

Imagine getting one of your hand of sacrifices taken away in bfa. Now that’s a real nerf.


So if BGs isn’t where you will feel the nerf, what you said is completely pointless…


Don’t forget
Frost dk

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We needed it :man_shrugging:t3:

Wish they woulda nerfed Soul of the Forest and feral affin, and just buffed other healers to be on par, and then nerfed livelord pve items


Rdruid still seems to be a top two healer based on the GCD tournament showing. We’ll see how the weekend finals shakes out. Definitely seeing even more rogue mages, maybe they’ll finally take the hint and nerf mage barriers a little or self-healing among dps specs in general.

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Because a -10% healing nerf is going to remove their mobility/cc/tankability/swiftmend/overgrowth/stealth/immunity to half the CCs