RIP anyone who waited for Mage Tower, ilvl Scaling

Oh a blue post, like in 7.3.5, assuring us that it’s all for the better.

Geez, first time ?

Meanwhile :

Any smoother, and i’ll probably be able to sand off the paint on my deck.


Bruh stop showing me screenshots I saw the weird scaling before wowhead posted about it. I know it’s bad.

The point is our gear is like, a little more than 1/3 the ilvl it should around level 45.

It’s not only bad, it was completely unrequired.

Blizzard should know better than to mess with stuff like this, they screw it up every time.


Well this sucks, oh well. More reason not to buy DF lol :smiley:


I specifically said that you should tell them about bugs and outliers. What I said wasn’t needed was the rising up in arms hyperbole, which as it turns out from the post today, was unfounded! Funny that!

I am an avid supporter of raising issues as they come up, but on the scale of issues Blizzard has created in wow, stat scaling is monumentally lowdown the list. Let’s worry about avoiding another covenant scale catastrophe first.

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Hello. It looks like we have a bug here.

As I mentioned here, this is an example of some of the discrepancies testers may notice as a result of the changes we’re making being in progress.

We’ll endeavor to fix it in due course in the Dragonflight Beta. Thank you for the report.


Mage Tower is just about the only challenging single-player content in the game. No, it shouldn’t be trivialized and downgraded to a loot pinata. That would be demeaning to every single soloist out there.

Preparation is considered a measure of skill. This includes farming mats for consumables, acquiring specific gear, and itemizing correctly. This is done at all levels of play (especially cap), not just for the mage tower.


-looks at all the expansions old raids where some can’t be solo’d because of mechanics/certain classes don’t have the necessary self-healing-



Me showing up in Antorus LFRs and one shotting the original Mage Tower was not a show of skill.

What are you even talking about.



Mage tower and all of these needs to be looked at before Dragonflight goes live.


It’s not. Mage Tower is the only good skill-based solo prestige content in the game. Losing this content because Blizzard was recklessly mucking about with scaling that, while a positive end-result as far as smoothing out player progression, is relatively unneeded in the grand scheme of things… that would suck.

I consider it pretty high on the list for Blizzard to not ruin some of the only evergreen content, the only meaningful non-leveling solo content, in the game.

And it is worth saying that if we do get Mage Tower-like content in Dragonflight itself, which signs seem to point towards, we would hate for the exact same problem to happen to that content when DF becomes two expansions old.

I’m glad to hear that Blizzard has this on their radar though. Hopefully the issue is just as simple as turning a knob to scale the base ilvl of the player in Mage Tower and the ilvl of Ulduar gear for Herald of the Titans respectively (as well as turning the knob such that Artifact Weapons will work up to level 60 in Chromie time).

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I personally hope they don’t let it become content that can be facerolled. It’s okay for their to be a challenge. Plus, I don’t see many books out there and that makes it feel cool when they are out there. I’ll never have the slime saber mount because I don’t want to raid. It’s okay for the mass of people not to have something.


I tested it last week and it was considerable easier than it is on live.
I did like double the damage I do on live too, likely due to talents.
Not sure what the outrage is over, but even if it was scaled harder, you are getting full talents working in there, many of which are as strong as things like legendaries or set bonuses, of which none currently work.

We will be gaining tremendous power in the Mage Tower, and I was actually worried about it becoming too easy.

I think that will mostly come down to what each class gains and loses though.

Unless you mean by last week the prior beta build, then no you didn’t.

Bruh, Blizzard just acknowledged the existence of this being an issue. Nobody needs you to come in here with out-of-date information and say otherwise.

Why’s that? I believe it was last Tuesday, but I can’t remember when the builds came.

Nothing is out of date about what I said btw. You just didn’t read it seemingly.
Harder or not, you are getting significantly buffed in there.
Please keep that in mind before you make it seem like things are “impossible.”

Dude. Stop. Just stop. Lol.

Hoping blizz take the opportunity to re-tune the tower a bit. Right now it’s a 1% mount which really isn’t in line with how many got the legion tower rewards. Best estimates are it should be a 10% ish which would be around KSM level difficulty.

I feel like the MT missed the mark to be just too brutally hard. The fact so few even engage with it isn’t a good thing.

I do NOT want them spending time on the Mage-Tower when we cant even get all 8 dungeons in the first rotation of mythic+, I would rather the core content be good and finished instead of content almost no one is going to do.

Just think about it for 2 mins and you’ll realize its going to take ALOT more than item scaling to fix the Mage Tower. Let keep in mind how Guardian Druid’s thrash distance matters quite a bit, and its WILDLY larger in Dragonflight. Thats one instance of ALOT of things that will need to be changed to “fix” the Mage Tower.

But I am bored… so “For Science!”

Logged in on Live and Beta and poked the Tower… I was not about to re-write my macros or anything, dont expect to win, but just to show whats up.

Couple interesting notes…
You can clearly see my health is lower but the boss gained about 25-30% health?
The stats in my gear dropped, but the +4 gems were +5 totally throwing the Gear to Gem Value completely out of whack… One gem is almost 2 pieces of gears worth of stats.
Lua errors for even putting my timewalking set on… weapon had crusader and triggered Lua errors.
The Sigryn encounter is STRAIT UP DIFFERENT on Beta. Runeseer Faljar has a new ability Shadowcrash. Are they in there “fixing” it? Its this an older version of the fight?


In any standard outfit, bugs and regression take priority over feature development. I don’t know what else to tell you.

I mean, if they went back and fixed all the bugs and regression, we would lose another whole raid tier with the amount of work that needs to be done. There are things in this game that will never get fixed and generally its not worth their time.

On top of that, similar things like the Brawlers Guild are usually closed until they can rework the whole system, “when they find time” and we didnt get a Brawler’s Guild rework this expansion at all. Of course I would love to hear about Mage Tower and Brawler’s Guild reworks but not when we are 2 months from release and we still have no raid testing or m+ testing done at all. Again, New Core Systems > Older Content.

There is a lot of FOMO gaming in WoW, and imho, if you weren’t super into it while it was released, then your out of luck. If you didn’t raid the last season of BFA and missed out on How the Cape progression worked with Visions and the N’zoth fight, you missed out and you cant get that experience back. I don’t think you should expect to. With the Mage Tower open 24/7 right now, if you really cared you would have gotten done or your working on it and will finish it soon. It isn’t something that gets easier later, its the whole point of it.

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