RIP Alliance on this server

Server transfers killed it


Yup. Lot are vacationing on benediction from here. I keep telling them recess over time come back home.


Blame the stupid Horde players that just want to roll around in large groups and steamroll anything in sight. I wouldn’t want to play the smaller faction either.

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Server transfers didnt kill this server. POS Horde did.


Blizzard killed the server, don’t be made at us hordes…

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It’s happening to Sulfuras too. Horde don’t want to play with Alliance, so they grief them off servers.

I always tell my fellow horde, yes its a pvp server. But take notice of good conservation practices of good hunters. Chief of which is don’t hunt prey into extinction.

Most of us roll on pvp servers for the thrill and danger that pvp servers offer. Not just the environment is out to get you.

Isn’t it ironic then that players on pvp servers transfer off, and choose to play on loopsided realms in thier factions favor? All it takes to help this issue, at least 1 account at a time, is for players to stop doing this.

Honestly, I left because the world was dead. Leveling a toon in Azeroth was boring let alone, lonely. Do a /who and you’re the only one there…always. The auction house is in shambles, groups are hard to form, and if there is someone else in the zone, it’s a bot. I’d have stayed, even if the server was 30/70 because I like being the underdog.

Unfortunately, when you can’t move sellable items in the ah for a week, or can’t buy anything because the price of an item that should be 1g is 5G-10G+, it’s not fun anymore.
The over population isn’t an issue in my eyes. The toxicity is. It goes that way on both sides however, but when there are hardly any alliance left, and the horde act like starving animals to KoS, it is what it is.

Benediction is a nice server, but I feel like I shouldn’t have had to transfer to experience it. I quit during phase 1 of classic but came back for tbc, but from what I’m told, the server began dying at the start of p2 of classic due to an alliance guild and toxicity of horde.

It’s all speculation, but that is the story that is given.

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