Ring of Peace

Could we get back the rop that disarmed and silenced? That’s really it, thoughts and concerns?


Would that replace the current disarm PvP talent? Or would monks have 2 disarms?

I would prefer not having to make the already limited pvp talents, but really it’s both from a pve and pvp perspective.
For say like a brewmaster it would make it easier to gather up caster mobs and could be a real defensive used by all 3 specs to help the grp.

For pvp too many classes can just cheese past it sometimes making it useless.

However, if we had to lose reg disarm and get that replaced with something else I would be open to that, maybe good karma

Really wish they let us choose a version instead of just ring to stop 1 cast or wall pin someone.


Remove Ring of Peace from PvP entirely.

Thoughts, concerns?

Spirit link users hate this one trick


Constructive, and replace with what then?

Ironic, since when shaman spirit links vs a ww it usually ends badly as our aoe hurts them a lot because of it

Thinking RoP needs to stay as is.
Perhaps you could have it silence / disarm outside of PVP/WM content. The barrier / knock stay though, as it’s bueno.

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I mean for PVP it’s easily circumvented by a lot of people, I should mention the original rop was a spell aura around a friendly target

This. It’s such a good and iconic spell. Would suck if it changed.

Could make that a choice node between the silence/disarm and regular RoP? Wonder if that would satisfy both pvp and pve. I dont think anyone in pve takes Song of Chi Ji, that could also be reworked.

Please don’t touch RoP :3


The original was too and honestly a lot cooler, as it wasn’t an aimed spell, it was a spell you put on a friendly target that followed them around during it’s duration.

I mean would be a decent compromise, but I am sure that the original would be the go to choice for like 90% of things

TBH Id rather be able to place it myself than have some random dps do all sorts of silly stuff if it was targeted at them, or have it in a bad spot. The way it works now I can also target it at someone anyways if that is required. It’s saved lots of ranged dps lives. Having it stay/follow one person for the duration would honestly suck. Using it on melee at all would mess up tanks and they would rage at us. Sounds like it was a clunky spell before and they made some QoL changes. Im glad they did. ( for pve anyways )

Someone mentioned PvP implications. I don’t pvp so was just providing an idea mostly to satisfy both sides and so neither lose RoP. RoP is such an amazing ability in PvE, especially m+ environments.

You would use it on the tank and they could gather all casters and even range physical mobs with this thing because it would disarm them and silence them as it moved with them.

How exactly is casting an aoe aura clunky?

It’s pick a target or yourself (I don’t think the enemy target thing made it out of ptr) and for the next 6 seconds where ever that player goes everything in that radius was silenced and disarmed.

It was complained about in pvp for being massively op because of all the tools monk had during mop even before that was added.

However, with the loss of fof stun this would bring added defense that monk is sorely lacking in pvp and give greater group utility than bouncing a target once.

Again, I dont pvp so not speaking for pvp. I was just giving my opinion that the node could be an option node to satisfy both pvp and pve players.

Ill admit that I came into monk in Legion so I didnt know it silenced and disarmed as such back then, sounds a bit OP tbh so I can see why it changed. I just assumed it still worked as a repel - in which case it would have sucked to have it following someone around due to the repelling nature.

IMO It would still suck to lose the current iteration of RoP either way for PVE. I can prevent adds from touching a ranged dps easily and save them ( adds in first azure boss ), the disarm and silence wont save someone from a swarm of adds the tank cant pick up asap. I like being able to bounce the add in SMBG, bouce caster adds to pseudo interrupt them. No to mention in AA it keeps the adds and poison off of me. Bumps adds out of sanguine and other effects ( Halls healing rune )

Id rather current RoP tbh. If anything changes it should be to the pvp side of things ( ie add a pvp talent ) or make ROP an option node, which was my main point.

The current RoP has a ton of use in PvE environments, namely pushing mobs out of puddles on the floor (looking at you, Sanguine) that either buff the mobs or hurt melee players too much that have to stand in it. A silence wouldn’t/doesn’t make up for the loss of that niche.

As others suggested, I think a choice node of either “Ring of Peace” or “Ring of Silence” would be a better compromise than entirely removing a spell that has been one of our most iconic abilities for years.

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Except the only mobs that would be standing in sanguine are ones that are casting or are ranged to begin with so if they’re silenced or disarmed they can’t do those ranged abilities meaning they’d be forced to walk out of them.

That’s a worse clunkier version, because a lot of times if you’re using it on a person you’re scattering the mobs

Only in comparison to the entirety of the toolkit that was available to monk during that time, the lack of toolkit currently it wouldn’t make it so op

I agree here. Choices are always good.

No…not really. Unless you dont know what you are doing and dont anticipate the knockback. It’s easy to knock mobs where you want them to. Dont act like it’s hard to place RoP lol. You use it - before - adds get to said person if you are planning to use it to save someone, or use it in-between the person and the swarm of adds coming at them. It’s not hard at all.

Mobs form in a circle around people, if you’re using it to get somebody off of them you are scattering them.

While aim knocking one person or two after that the spell is over even though it will last on the ground for a bit longer.

PVP issue is a pvp issue. I dont pvp so not an issue for me.

I am agreeing ring of silence should be a pvp thing. I am agreeing with you to an extend my guy. As long as RoP doesn’t change I dont care what they do to pvp.

In PVE: This is why I told you to use it before they get to the person and to not place RoP in a dumb spot. Obviously it would be stupid to scatter adds like that but you DONT have to and if you RoP properly it’s a non issue. There is always ample time ( Azure first boss when the adds pop they’ll usually go for the healer asap or first dps to aoe nuke them ) you RoP before they get to someone. I dont know what is so hard about that…

What you quoted had nothing to do with PVP

I never said it was hard