Righteous Orbs no longer dropping

Ok so add another person and that’s 42 hours.
Add another person and that’s 63 hours.

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And they didnt stop that. You can still do it if you want. But if the true reason of doing that was to get something not intended to be used at this moment. Thats no longer about something thats fun.


WCL also banned Crusader from logs


I am once again asking for a drop chance increase on Modas Karkun. However, will also settle with a spawn rate increase of portals.

Congrats to those of us that were lucky enough to get the drop, we just made a lot of money. An even bigger congrats to anyone who might’ve been able to get the Crusader enchant. You’re now 1 phase ahead of everyone else

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Blizzard failed to properly gate the content and this fix only makes it worse. It’s about the MULTI BILLION DOLLAR COMPANY taking the bare minimum of accountability instead of shoving dirt down the player’s throat any time they fail to implement something properly.


Im tired of this grandpa… well thats just too…

oh god no anything but that oh no

I was expecting Blizz to either remove the orbs and enchants completely or to allow more elite mobs to drop them to give most players a realistic chance at getting the enchant this phase.

Removing the orbs but allowing those few players to have an insanely overpowered enchant for an entire phase no one else can acquire ain’t it Blizzard.

Serious question. Why?

What was the purpose of this ban. What harm does this stop? Who does this help?

All this does is make the game less fun for a small group of players, while doing nothing to make the game more fun for others.

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They could have just capped our crafting to 250 if they didn’t want us to do things that require 290+ crafting.


this really doesn’t even matter if we are being honest with this change wcl will just invalidate logs with anyone who uses crusader since it is now unobtainable.

Kaivex reading this laughing at this point or something…

Orbs in or Crusader out.

You’re going to push the melee population to quitting the game due to inaccessibility from a grandfathered enchant causing a phase gap of damage.

I know you’re watching the thread. Lmao


It matters to people who don’t have WCL brain.

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in what way pvp? i could see your argument there but why would u care what enchant another player has that u can’t get if u aren’t competing against them.

Bots generated literally 100times that amount per day. Incursion gold was not a drop in the bucket.

Why not just make the orbs drop from level 50-54 scarlet mobs instead of removing it entirely?

Just roll out phase 4 now then since phase 3 is riddled with OP characters no one can get anymore.

And the people that have it on their weapons? Do they just get a free ride at the top now?

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This is one of those things that should have just been left in the game since the genie was out of the bottle. Now you just make an elite group of players that nobody else can touch or achieve. It’s incredibly demoralizing to anybody putting effort into the game.

Come on guys.