Right mouse button not sticking (not a hardware issue)

Only happening in Retail WoW (does not happening in Wotlk)

I’ve disabled all addons

I’ve tried /script SetCVar(“rawMouseEnable”, 1)

I’ve disabled Geforce and Discord overlays (as far as I can tell there are no overlays active)

Is there a fix?

edit: it might have been vsync (Options → Graphics → Disable Vertical Sync

edit x 2: nope it wasn’t. I did find going to DirectX 11 helped a lot but the issue is still there

How did you rule the hardware out?

“Only happening in Retail WoW (does not happening in Wotlk)”

It’s literally the first thing I said

That coincidence isn’t enough to rule out the hardware. If you want to troubleshoot your post has to include a DxDiag.


how many games do I need to play to prove it isn’t hardware, what you said literally doesn’t make sense. How exactly can a hardware issue be game specific?

I think the implication is that the driver firmware for the mouse could be having trouble with WoW. Could still be a problem fixable by the WoW devs, but may be vendor driver specific. For example, I found that for whatever reason, I have trouble with Razor mice right button click and hold not actually “holding”, but only in WoW and not other games. Switching mice to a different brand with a different driver resolved my issue. Not saying this is your issue though.

None. Go open MS paint, pick a paintbrush, then try to draw a long line. Several times.

If the line breaks, it’s hardware. If not, then try this real quick:


Click 100 times. Count and then compare. If you don’t see ‘100’ as the result, it’s hardware.

edit: I was wrong

Anyways I did just order a cheap $30 mouse to see if it solves my issue but I’m almost positive it isn’t my mouse

New mouse resolved issue?

Because of Black Friday it will take over a week for the mouse to get to me, none of the stores in the town I’m in have the mouse I want

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